One-Way Ticket (A Diary)

One-Way Ticket (A Diary)

This is a Diary of a young girl named Rebecca who must go to an asylum, where she doesn't belong. This story has touched hearts of many that have read, I hope you enjoy this story too (:

Chapter 1

The Bearing Moments

by: MyLove

(Day 1) I wandered into the dimmed room, wondering what to do with my life. Could I really go on? I mean my life was a wreck, was there anything I could do? If there was, it didn’t seem like it, I just all of a sudden broke down. Tears streamed my face in wet, hot drips. Could I live like this? No, I was pretty sure I couldn’t, I screamed out of nowhere and pounded on the walls, scraping at the wall paper, ripping through dry wall. I struggled as the men came in, telling me to settle down and I would be out in no time. How could I trust people like them? They were men who wore baggy whitish-green coats over there jumpsuits. I heard the lock click and a murmur of voices came out around the room, ‘Whose the new girl? And, ‘she’s gonna nevah make it out alive, that girl’ “Just shut up people OK! I don’t like being talked about especially by people like you!” My voice cracked at the end and I listened to my echo. I burst out laughing, laughing until I thought I could breath no more, I heard I steady wail from the bottom of the bed, I peeked under and screamed at the sight. It was a large burly woman!
“Security! There’s an intruder in my room!” I screamed. The robe men walked into the room. They laughed out loud, hard dark laughs.
“That’s not an intruder, it’s your room mate!” one of them said. I growled at the news and ran up to the beefy one, the one that said it, and grabbed a hold of his neck.
“What are you talking about! I don’t need a dirty, stingy roommate!” The other men tried pulling my grasp off as they watched him turn black and blue. I giggled like a maniac, grasp harder, feeling his flabby skin in my grasp, he had made me mad, real mad. I heard light bubblegum-like voice speak up,
“If you kill him you’ll just stay here even longer. Trust me I know, I have to stay here all my life because I killed one of the other patients, who wanted me to end there misery.” She glanced at the direction of the men, “but they think I’m just loony! This asylum is a dark, dark, place sweets. Oh by the way I’m Haelee.” She extended her arm forward. I didn’t let go of the man, but nodded,
“I’m Rebecca” I scowled and spoke. I heard the man grumbling as I slid my hands off his neck. I think I might just fit in hear. I let out a smile for the first time and shook Haelee’s, my new friend‘s, hand. Bye.

(Day 4) Sorry I haven’t written or nuthin, I’ve been busy with Haelee, she showed me every thing there is to know. She said once they trust me I can go to a type of place that is like a school! I’m so excited! I’ve been mostly good, once I bit one of the men on the hand, shoved a spatula down another asylum kid’s throat. Maybe I’m not meant to go to the school, or be good, but I really want to because Haelee goes from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and she tells me how fun it is. I fell so sad and much alone when she’s gone. The food here tastes like rotten dirt in my mouth, yes rotten dirt. They serve biscuits that are as hard as cement, they ‘juice’ is a fluid so thick I throw it up every night. So I have to get a stinkin shot cuz they think I’m sick. Haelee was cursing in Lord’s name today, she said it was alright to do and if I never said things like that I was a sick prissy. Will I ever be able to curse Christ’s name? After all I’m just a good little church girl to most of the asylum kids. Well See Yah.

(Day 5) I learned how to curl my hair today. It’s all twirly and poofy, it’s so adorable! Haelee is losing weight, she doesn’t look like a sumo wrestler no more. Is it a miracle everyone wonders, she has stopped eating ever since she met me, isn’t she starvin? Love, Me

(Day 7) The horrible men said if I behave one more simple week I can go to the school type place! I’m so excited! Could this be my moment to shine and show the kids that I am not a measly church girl, but a school girl to? I want to make a good impression. Except for the fact that they hate the school and if they think I like it I’ll get I pummelin. Love, the totally excited, yet scared girl.

(Day 9) Today Haelee and I talked about the boys in the asylum, the cute ones, the ugly ones, the insane ones, and the semi-sane ones. I have a crush on this macho man named Derek, Haelee isn’t sure about him, but he is so adorable! I talked to him today but I was tongue-tied, I blamed it one the liquid. He believed me and gave me his number for incase I ever made it out of this screwed-up place, only he cursed. I nodded and walked away, glad I had curled my hair. Love, boy-crazy me.

(Day 13) Sorry I haven’t been writin. Been busy with Derek, we totally clicked yesterday! He even kissed me on the cheek. It seemed like heaven. We talked about how this place is a dump and how it needed cleaned, I told him about the volunteering clubs at the school Haelee told me about and that I was going to join the cleaning club. He laughed and told me how dorky but adorable that was. I smiled, I feel truly in love with this man, no matter how old he is! I’m going to school tomorrow to! Love, Truly excited and loved me.

(Day 14) Wow school is absolutely boring! Even cleaning was better than 10 hours there! Remind me to be bad again. Love, irritated me.

(Day 16) I’m finally out of that crummy place cuz of my bad behavior! In fact I got moved in with Derek because I was so bad. I love Derek! He is much lovable and so cute! He tried kissin me right smack on the lips, but I freaked out. He understood and promised to go slower with me. I sighed with relief, I have never had my first kiss. Love, angry me.

(Day 17) I don’t know the date ‘nymore but I do know that it has been 17 days since I go here. Some kids from my school out side of the asylum came to visit me. They commented on how cute I looked in my skirts and tank tops I wore. Some even noticed my hair! The girls let me in about the latest gossip, and brought me fresh razors, hairspray, pony-tails, well just tons of girl accessories, and a cell phone my mum bought me! I asked about my dad and they told me the bearing news, that he died. I stood in shock and thanked them for the gifts and asked them to text and call me as soon as possible. I escorted them out and they understood that I need time alone, after all I just found out my father died! I wandered into the shower and used my gifts. I shaved my legs till’ they were perfectly smooth, like on the commercials. After I was done in the shower I quickly climbed into my new silk jammies and blow dryed my hair. I styled it sprayed tons of hairspray around it and perfumed my body. I applied much make-up to my plain complexion, when I was done I looked like a p.j. model! I strutted around the asylum and stopped into chat with Haelee and ended up crashin’ there. Bye-Bye

(Day 18) Today I woke up in the office, was I in trouble? What had I done? A man in a blue suit walked up and I quickly announced I needed a shower. He nodded and led me to a small room that had all my stuff in it. I mumbled an insincere thanks and walked in the room and shut the door. The room was made of peer metal, everything except the bed though. I entered into the shower and noticed everything was in exact order. I went through my showering process quickly and did my hair. Applying swift strokes of lipstick I got dressed and slipped on my flats. Man did I feel grown up! I was only 13 and already looked 18! I walked out of the room and saw no one. I wandered out of the room to find I was no where near the asylum, but in the country! I swayed with the withering flowers, I looked up and saw the asylum attached to this building, no wonder we were never allowed outside! I went back in the room and curled in a ball on the bed. Salty wet tears soothed me to sleep.

(Day 18 later) I woke once more in the room to find many men, not the asylum men, but black men crowding over me, was this hell? If it wasn’t it sure seemed like it! They were taking notes as if I were some kinda lab monkey, was I to them? I slapped the darkest man and told him to F off. He and his comrades waltz out of the room in a daze. I looked in the mirror, no wonder they thought I was a lab monkey! I had lipstick smears around my mouth and wet streaks all over. I had several tares in my jammies. I went to work. Using my alcohol pads I rubbed roughly at the lipstick and wet streaks. When that mission was accomplished I dashed to the straightener, I went through my hair with quick thrusts and went to the make-up I applied lip gloss and eye liner and I slipped on a racing tee-shirt and shorts and jogged out of my room. I saw my mother and GrandPappy sitting there, lips pursed as they listened to one of the black men. I heard the words, ‘leave in 2 weeks.’ could the moment I had been waiting for come true? Was I going home? Love, Totally exhausted me.

(Day 25) It has been a week since I wrote after hearing those shocking words, I had to call Derek! It has been about 9 days since I talked to him, and wrote about him also. I reached into my shorts pocket, luckily I had worn these that same day. The numbers were hard to read but I managed, the number was 318-712-4965, I called it and he answered on the first ring, I told him excitedly about me possibly going home in a week! At first there was confusion. Then he understood and said he was coming down! I didn’t believe he knew the way, but he appeared and we kissed (on the lips) a long kiss. It was beautiful. I still can’t stop smiling 4 hours later! Why is life so giving? Love, me.

(Day 30) 2 more days until I maybe get to go home! I am so deeply excited! I never thought a day like this would come! Life sucks, love me.

(Day 32) Dread waves over me as I was forced by the black men to say my last good-byes, I said good-bye to the only people I knew, Haelee, I will miss her deeply, and Derek, my one true love. Haelee and I cried as I left the room. Derek and I gave one final kiss and I promised I would get him out soon. The men hassled me into my GrandPappy’s car where I saw my mother in the drivers seat glaring at me. I tried telling her hello but a lump in my throat grew the size of Texas and I broke down crying as I saw where we were headed. Military school. See yah loser.
(Day 33) Well, it’s all come to this. I’m going to die. How you wonder, well suicide of course, just one simple jump and I’ll be gone. I had dreamt of it coming to this, but never this soon. If you wanna see meh again, I’ll be with the devil himself. Bye.

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