Best Friends Forever (A Naruto Story)

These stories are requested, so if you like my writing then u can request one! I DO ANYTHING BUT JUSTIN BIEBER AND TYLOR LAUTNER (not including Jacob Black-ill do stories for him :))

Chapter 10

Orientation- part 1

You Know Who's Pov
  When she laughed her nose crinkled a little and her eyes looked as  
if they were smiling. I never realized how expressive she was when she  
laughed. It was odd. The feeling I had in my stomach. I never realized  
how beautiful she was. I always thought she was pretty...well everyone  
always said she was, and I kind of went along with it. But I had never  
realized how  beautiful she was. The almost microscopic flurry of  
freckles on her perfectly straight nose. I never noticed the way her  
hair would bounce when she laughed. I never noticed how long her  
eyelashes were and I never noticed how hypnotizing her slightly bow- 
shaped pink lips were.
  I felt so weird. A really odd feeling that coursed through my whole  
body. I felt every piece of me get tighter as if I couldn't breath. I  
finally knew what it was like to look at something so beautiful it  
took your breath away. She made me feel that way...

Saruna's pov
'Why is he staring at me?'
"Take a picture. It'll last longer."
"You gonna keep staring or get inside?" I smirked and quirked an  
"Whatever." he walked inside the classroom and slammed the door in my  
"Ugh! rudeness!" i sneered as he shoved his hands in his pockets  
smirking the way to his seat. I sat next to him.
"Wheres your headband?" he asked once I sat down next to him. I stood  
"Look at my hips." I pointed to the forehead protecter as he did as  
"Thats such a stupid place to put it. There's a reason they call it a  
forehead protector, loser."
"I put it there because I want to put it there."
"Its still stupid-"
"Sasuke! I just broke with a guy, Had to clean up my house, train with  
you, be stalked by your fan girls, had to study 3 hours
straight, and barely got any sleep last night! I am irritable and  
tired. So I am NOT fighting with you right now. I'm leaving." I rolled  
my eyes and got up to leave when I felt someone pull at my arm.
I gasped/blushed as I realized it was Sasuke. He glowered at me from  
beneath his long black eyelashes and silky, messy, raven-black hair.
"Stay." was all he had to say to make me sit back down without a  
sound. I couldn't help but keep glancing back at him. The way he  
immediatley over-powered me with a single touch and a single word. But  
my nature was usually rebellious and reckless so I had to do something  
to break the awkwardness and to make me come out of my sudden  
imaginary shell. So I had to do something to get back my sense of  
power over myself: I had to annoy him.
I sat criss-cross on the desk.
"Hey, Sasuke! Have you ever noticed how emo your hair is It really  
does look like Andy Sixx and a chicken's arse had a baby. Do you really  
expect people to think its natural. I also find amusing how gaga  
fangirls go over your emo-ness. Now if I were to see you on the street  
I'd think you were a Ronnie Radke impersonator. I also heard Ino's  
pregnant with your baby."
"Wha-" 'heheheh that got a reaction even if it was slight.
"She probably raiqd (Quibblo) you in your sleep. I gave her your key. Hey,  
Sasuke? What's your favorite color? Im geussing it's black because  
you're so dang em-" in one swift motion a hand was on my mouth the  
other tightly wrapping at my tiny waist.
"Shut up, loser." he hissed in ear. "Or I'll do something you'll  
despise." he whispered almost seductively. I gasped as he squeezed at  
my waist. 'Is there anyone else here? It's getting harder and harder  
to breath with him around.' I forced his hand off my mouth. I turned  
to look at him and glared. "Do it and I'll scream raiq(Quibblo)." I threatened.
"Do it. Who'll convict me?" he smirked. He let go of me and in the  
process pushed me down to the ground so I fell on my butt.
"I will!" I scowled still on the floor.
"I swear you're like a child."
"Am not!"

FF-20 mins later
I watched Naruto walk in.
"Naruto?" at the sound of his name he ran to me.
"Hey Saruna!" he gave me a big cheesy grin pointing to his headband  
daring me silently to ask the question.
"Why are you here?"
"I passed of course! Why else would I be here-?"
"Denial." he sweat-dropped at how well I knew him.
"Cant you see the headband?" he poured his lips and narrowed his eyes.  
He got a cheesy smirk on his face.
"What?" I said suspiciously.
"How are you going to reward me?"
'Uh oh. I know where this is going. But if I treat him to ramen I'll  
be broke!'
"I know!" I leaped up, grabbed the sides of his face, and kissed his  
cheek. Luckily i think only Sasuke saw. Naruto touched it and blushed.
He leaned against the desk trying to look cool. "Why, Saruna-chan. I  
didn't know you felt that way." he grinned cheesily and winked.
I pushed his face playfully. "Dream on, loser." I smirked as I walked  
way looking to sit in the one seat gap between Shimamaru and Emery.
"Hi guys!" I wave to both of them. I jutted my chin out to the desk.  
"Anyone sitting there."
"No. Feel free." Shikamaru said laid back as ever.
"Oh my gosh. Is that Naruto?" Emery made an o-shape with her mouth.
"Why is he here? Last time I heard he didn't pass." Shikamaru  snapped.
"Well of course he passed, Shikamaru. He probably utterly Naruto-like  
and heroic to change Irukas mind. Do you know how hard it is filing  
all that paperwork saying whether we passed or failed, where we excel  
and lack. So he mustve done something of great worth! Why else would  
he be here?" Emery sighed happily.
"Denial." Shikamaru said easily and Emery sweat-dropped.
"That's what I said!"
"But-" Emery said quietly. Shikamaru and I exchanged a knowing glance.
 We knew Emery liked Naruto. Everyone practically knew she liked  
Naruto except for the two involved themselves: Emery and Naruto. The  
two most naive people in Konaha.
"Im getting to the bottom of this." Shikamaru hopped over his desk,  
and headed straight for Naruto.
"Hey Naruto, what are you doing here? This is only for graduates."  
Shikamaru said cooly yet lazily.
"What?!", naruto said sarcastically. "You can't see the headband?!  
Huh?! Huh, Shikamaru?!"
"Whatever." Shikamaru rolled his eyes.
"I win!" screamed two unbelievably annoying voices. I didn't have any  
real beef with Sakura and Ino who stood in the hallway arguing about  
who entered the classroom first, but those two were the most daring  
and unbelievably love-sick fangirls. Sasuke always pestered me with  
awful stories about the things they would do.
"Excuse me. May I pass?" Sakura said sweetly to Naruto.
"Oh Sakura, you wanna sit next-" Naruto flashed a goofy grin.
"Move it, idiot!" she screamed pushing passed him. "Good morning,  
Sasuke-kun."he said sweetly once again. I snarled watching the scene.
"Stupid Sakura, with big arse forehead and ugly arse face and her weak  
fighting skills and flat chest and her desperate acts if obsession."  
Emery muttered curses under her breath as she growled revealing the  
slight snaggletooth tooth I loved.
"I thought you didn't like Uchiha. Or at least not like THAT."  
Shikamaru scowled.
"What?! No! Heck no! She is just seriously annoying, and poor dude has  
to put up with it."
"Then why'd you just get that very jealous-looking look on your face.
"Hey! I'm SO not jealous. If I wanted to, I could throw her across the  
room and sit next to Uchiha."
"Green is an ugly color on you." he smirked slightly and raised a  
naturally perfectly-shaped eyebrow.
"Hey Shimamaru."
"Shut up." I growled at him. He glared at me. I smiled and looked back  
at The class. All the girls and some guys were gathering toward a  
table. . .Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke's table. I saw Naruto on the desk  
about three to four inches away from Sasuke's face.
"Naruto! Get down!" some fangirls growled.
"C'mon Sasuke! Slug him! Knock him down!" others chanted. I didn't  
exactly see what happened but Emery and I left Shikamaru to look st  
the scene closer.
"Dude!" Someone pushed Naruto into Sasuke, and...Naruto and Sasuke  
kissed each other. There first kisses to each other! Ha! I saw, and  
then litterally rolled on the floor laughing! It was that funny.  
Especially since it lasted 5 whole seconds! Emery watched with horror  
and the other fangirls did too. Me and the guys laughed our arses off!
"My's poisoned! Water! I need water. Poison!... It's in my  
body in my veins!" Naruto cried.
"Naruto... you piece... of crep! You're dead!" Sasuke yelled.
"Ew! Sas-gay spit in my mouth!"
"So you French-kissed each other!" I yelled with laughter. That made  
the fangirls attack.
"Naruto..." They said evilly.
"Uhh...I smell bloodlust." Naruto looked on at the multiples of  
fangirls with a scared face.
"I would run." Emery called.
"Good idea." the fangirls taunted.

FF-10 mins
Iruka was calling out teams. There was going to be two cells of four.
"Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuuga and Emery...Senju?" Iruka stuttered at Emery's last name. 
"Senju?" Emery wrinkled her nose beside me. 
"I always thought you were a Sarutobi? You call the Hokage 'Grammy'."
"I'm not...I don't have a clan name because I don't know who my real parents are...." and it was true. Emery was now staying with her "Aunt" Reina Sarutobi. But she stayed with a tall blonde lady, a man with tan skin who always lit a cigarette, a pretty lady with long black hair big red eyes, and even the Hokage himself. She always grew attached to them, but she always needed to be moved around. 
"Team 7. Naruto Uzamaki, Saruna Barahime, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha." 
"Ugh!" I grabbed handfuls of my hair and banged my head on the desk lightly. "This is gonna suck." I whispered as Shikamaru chuckled at my reaction as Sakura made a big deal about another girl on the team. 
"Alright! Give it a rest! I'm not gonna steal your precious Duckbutt-kun. You should be thinking about training not just some boy!" I rolled my eyes and she glared at me. All the while Naruto complained about Sasuke, and Sasuke threw a couple insults.
"You are all going to be a TEAM! So yours going to act like a team!" Iruka lectured. 
"Team 10: Chouji Akamichi, Ino Yamanaka, and Shikamaru Nara."
"What did you say you'd do if you were on a team with me?" Shikamaru smirked at Ino.

"Hey you!" I nodded my head to Sasuke and shoved my hands in my pockets. When he saw me, he did, too. "Eat lunch with me?"
"What? a date?" he gave me a disgusted face.
"No, dream on, loser. We're unfortunately on a team now. So it's okay."
"Hn. Whatever."
"Okay then. Let's go to the shade."
As we walked down the path we saw Sakura walking towards Sasuke.
"Can I piss her off?" I smiled.
"I don't care."
"permission to act like a slutty fangirl?"
"permission granted, I guess."
"Dont enjoy it too much. Excellent." I licked my lips and grabbed his hand. He looked shocked.
"What?! You gave me permission! It might get a lot worse."
"Um, Sasuke-kun? I was thinking since we are a team and all that we should get to know each other better, and maybe we could have lunch together-" Sakura started.
"Sorry! We're already doing that!" I squeezed his hand, put it around me, kissed him on the cheek, and then walked away." both Sakura and Sasuke were stunned.
"Couldve done worse."
"I couldve put my arms around you like this." I grabbed his waist from behind once we were out of view of everyone. I giggled in his ear, and ran one of my hands through his hair. I felt every muscle in his body engage and tense. "Nice abs." I said rubbing his stomach. I squeezed him one last time. "Thats for early." I whispered in his ear knocking him to the ground. I ran into the woods and watched him stunned at how smexii I could be.

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