Dance Your Way To My Heart

Dance Your Way To My Heart

Riley was just a regular teenage girl until she met the person that changed her life. Will fame over come her? Or will it be love?

Chapter 2

A Plan

The day of the concert quickly approached, and me and Angel had never been more excited.
Two days before the concert my mother came to my bedroom as I retaped a Justin Beiber poster, a grim look on her face.
I turned around, a crease in my eyebrows forming. "What's wrong?" I asked, stepping down from my bed and looking concerningly at my mom.
"Sweety, I am so sorry, bur you cannot go to the Justin Beiber concert," my mom informed me, my concern was replaced with shock.
"What? This is... this is some kind of joke, right?" I exclaimed, too surprised for any other emotion to take control.
"We have to go to Aunt Lissa's house for dinner, she's only in town for one night," my mother informed me. Reality sank in, and tears muddled my vision.
"What?! No, no, no, Mom. Can't I miss out on dinner this one time?" I persuaded, trying to seem mature and adult-like.
"No," said my mother briskly before leaving the room.
I collapsed onto my bed and cried.
* * * *
The phone rang, and I answered it to hear Angel's happy voice fill the silence of my bedroom as I prepared for dinner with Aunt Lissa.
"Angel, please, don't rub the fact that you're going to the concert in, I don't know if I can bear it," I complained.
"Ah, but you will be coming to the concert, Riley!" exclaimed Angel, and I rolled my eyes.
"Angel, I already told you, I'm not aloud to-"
"Just because you're not aloud to; doesn't mean you can't!" Angel exclaimed, and she formed an idea in my mind.
I ran to the bathroom, my feet stomping on the hardwood floors of my house. I stuck my finger back, poking my gag reflex when I arrived at the washroom. Puke flooded the toilet, and I closed my eyes to block out the vision.
"Mom!" I shouted in a weak voice, and she came rushing in, calculating the events.
Less than ten minutes later, I was in bed; my mom already gone for Aunt Lissa's house.
So far, the plan is working.
I hurriedly changed into a V-neck T-shirt from 'Aeropostale' and a pair of black skinny jeans. I put on my usual makeup, and finished just as the doorbell rang.
I answered it to see Angel's cunning face.
A great night was ahead of us.

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