Dance Your Way To My Heart

Dance Your Way To My Heart

Riley was just a regular teenage girl until she met the person that changed her life. Will fame over come her? Or will it be love?

Chapter 4


I walked to my house, just then realizing how tired I was. Phsically and mentally.
Luckily my mother's car wasn't in my driveway, so I used my housekey to get inside. And groaned when I saw who was standing there.
"Riley, riley, riley," my seven year old brother, Nick, tsked. I was guessing my mom walked him home because he was suppose to go to bed. Oh no, if she had checked on me... "Don't worry, mom still thinks your nestled safely in your bed." nestled? How does Nick even know that word?
"What will it take you to not tell?" I asked, taking my wallet out of my purse.
"No money," he said, and I warily put my wallet back in my purse.
"Tomorrow, you have to take me anywhere I want to go, and pay for it," Nick grinned.
I gawped. Are you serious?! "C'mon, you don't want me to tell mom," Nick smirked, and I sighed.
* * *
"Wake up!"
I opened my eyes to see only darkness. Except an either darker figure looming over me. I pushed the thing away, gasping in fear.
"It's me. Seriously, Riley," Nick stated, and I exhaled in relief. Then I looked at the time.
"It's six in the morning!" I exclaimed, and Nick rolled his eyes.
"You promised you would do whatever I wanted today, we never agreed on a specific time-"
"Okay, you win! I just need to get ready, I'll be down in an hour," I sighed, and Nick's face turned into disbelief. "An Hour?!"
"Please, Nick," I pleaded, and he slowly nodded before leaving the room.
Stupid blackmailing brother.
I jumped into the shower, then blow-dried and straightened my hair, putting on make-up.
I decided to wear a purple T-shirt and pale blue skinny jeans.
When I arrived downstairs Nick was waiting at the door.
I wuickly threw on my black converse and we hopped into my yellow 1969 camaro. The car of my dreams, nomatter how old it was.
"Where are we going first?" I asked Nick, manouvering the wheel that took us to the busier part of town.
"Hmm..." he hesitated, though we both knew that he had the whole day planned out. "The mall."
Oh, god. I was going to be embarassed infront of most of my highschool; it being a Saturday. Not to mention the fact that I was probably going to be spending alot of money today.
When we arrived at the mall, it was jam, packed.
We went through the front entrance.
"Where do you want to go first?" I asked Nick, and he looked around thoughtfully.
"That place," he said, pointing to West 49. I ignored the protest of my stomach ache that clearly wanted to go to the food court. This was going to be a long day...
* * *
"/Ash Willows, Justin Beiber's former choreographer, has quit his job and has turned in Beiber for drinking./ He now says he will be going solo, in hopes to be the top dancer of the country," the news woman said, and my eyebrows raised.
"C'mon, Riley. This place is boring!" exclaimed Nick, and I nodded, exiting American Eagle and entering the food court. We got Sub Way and sat down at one of the tables, dropping the five bags of stuff I had bought for Nick on the ground beside me. Luckily, there were some big sales and I ended up not spending too much money, and I got some shopping in for myself when Nick wasn't paying attention.
"Mind if I join you?" I heard a voice say, and I was abruptly pulled out of my reverie. I looked up at the speaker, and smiled to see Ash.
"Of course!" I replied.

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