life bites

Chapter 1

death and angels

"d@mn jellybean be quite u tryna get me killed??" i said as i opend the door. my bestfren anjelicia (i no i didnt spell dat rite dats sad kant spell my bff names but h3ll its hard but i luv u ane way jelly bean) was leanin on me justa laffin (ya shes drunk) so i practicaly draged her to my room and laid her on my bed and said "just stay here and ima get chu a asprin an sum wata and u betta not thro up on my gotd@am bed eitha" i went to my bath room to get the asprin. as i walked in the kitchen to get the water i saw "oh my god" i let out an ear percing scream and droped the bottle in my hand and startd crying.
anjelica's pov
i was laying on the bed when i got the feeling that i was finna thow up so i ran to the tolilet (did i spell it right) and well ya but then i heard nesi {ne.ce} scream like she was being kiled and let me tell you being wasted and hearing something like that is not a good feeling so i ran down the hall as fast as i could stumbling the whole way to find nesi sitting on the floor crying and screamin. i went over closer and saw that she was holding her dady and he looked d-d-dead oh my god and so was her mama and lil/ only sister i jus started cryin.
nesi's pov
me and jelly bean were on the floor cryn hystericaly when these angels walked thu the front door

well wat'd ya think like hate it i take ideaz and suggestions plus im stuck so i need help

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