A Shattered Heart (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Ch.12

Hope you like it!! I will now be putting up random facts about me :)
RF(Random Fact) #1: I love Justin Bieber!

Chapter 1

Chapter 12

-------Justin's POV------
As she walked down the stairs, we watched her go. I poked my head into her room. I looked at Ryan questioning to go in or not. He shrugged. I slowly walked in looking around. There were a bunch of papers speared out on the ground. I picked one up. It was a drawing....of me. It was very well detailed. So good you would have thought it was made be a professional. I picked up another to see a drawing of Ryan. I waved my hand for Ryan to come forward. He tilted his head to the side just as curious as I was.
Ryan bent down to pick up another. It was my mom. A picture of her smiling.
At the bottom it was signed, 'Addie.', in a neat handwriting.
"These are awesome!" Ryan said picking up others. There was one of Scooter, some woman and some man. The drawing of the man seemed scary. The picture wasn't as peaceful as the others.
We heard footsteps coming up the stairs.
"What are you doing?" We heard Adeline's voice roar. We froze with our eyes opened wide.
"I'm sorry. We saw these and..." I stopped as tears began to fall down her cheek.

"Just leave please." She said opening the door and stepping aside. Ryan and I placed the picture down before walking passed her out the room. She didn't even close the door. Ryan went downstairs as I watched her closely. She fell to the ground picking up the picture of the man. More tears slid down her cheeks.
"Adeline?" I said walking in slow. She looked at me, with a new expression.
"Hi." She said her voice hoarse.
I walked in, hesitating to take a seat next to her on the floor but did. We didn't speak for a while.
"Adeline." I said in a soft voice, "What happened?"
Her breathing began to get heavier as she unwrapped anything to me. I was surprised she would tell me.

"When I was 10......I was taken away from my mom. Kidnapped would be the word. That man took me away and kept me hidden for 6 years." She was looking at her hands which were intertwined nervously.
"I was touched and violated in so many ways. I had nowhere to go. While my mom is out there somewhere looking for me everywhere. That man stole everything from me." More tears began fall as she began to sob. She finally looked up at me with beautiful green eyes, I really hadn't noticed before.
"W-where's your mom?" I asked as the thought of what she's been through turned in my head.
"I don't know! I just don't! I have no one or anyone. I wish I would just die already." Her eyes moved from mine to her hands. Then I noticed something. I watched her carefully as I pushed back her sleeve to reveal a horrible burn mark.
I stared at it wide eyed. She covered it up with her hand.
"It's nothing." She hissed lowly. I shook my head.
Who would to this to someone? I took her arm a bit roughly. I pulled up her sleeve only to show more scars. I didn't my mouth was hanging open.
"Oh My God." I whispered.
"Like I said....it's nothing." She sighed. I stretched my arm out to give her a hug when she flinched back a bit surprised. Her colored her eyes, and she looked at me wide eyed.
"What are you doing?" She asked thrown back.
"A hug?"
"Ohh......" she said surprised. She inched closer to me, before stretching her arms out. I pulled her into the hug tightly. I feel so bad. I can't even think about the pain she's been through.
She started to sob loudly. "Don't cry." I whispered.
-------Pattie's POV----
"Where are they?" I asked Ryan who was eating his food in a rush. He didn't look up from his plate but shrugged. I walked up the stairs to Justin's room, but he wasn't there. I walked passed Adeline's room to see a very interesting sight. Justin and Adeline were asleep. Justin had both arms around Adeline who had her head on his shoulder. Ii was very cute. I hope Justin knows what he's getting himself into.


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