A new world: Sequel of a Longshot at Love

Looks:short hair to middle of neck just above shoulders, one eye covered with hair, old torn bandana on her arm, burns, freckles, skinny, girl figure [not flat anymore]
acts:confident, stubborn
Still has old bandana, bow and quiver
Old freedom fighters; http://longshots-girl.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d1auux7

Chapter 1


It's been ten years since I left the freedom fighters. I cant say i dont think about them much. I think about them all the time.I havent seen any of them since then. I often see a hat in the crowds of people in Ba Sing Se, and think its Longshot. It never is.
I now live in a small town outside Ba Sing Se, as a fortune teller. Toph wonders why i live here, instead of Ba Sing Se. I just say that i had a feeling I was supposed to be here, and i do. For what reason, i have no idea.
The avatar and his group visit all the time. Although nowadays, im very busy telling people about their family and friends in the spirit world, and about what their future holds. Its still a delight when they come.
Like today for instance. I had just gone into Ba Sing Se for more food, and saw Appa in my barn as i went inside. They were in my front room, talking with Kai, my assistant. "Im sorry, but Ms. Ko-Chung is too busy to talk to anyone." I dropped my bags on the ground by the door. "Kai, what have i told you about using my last name?" She looked over at me and bowed.
"I am sorry Arama, but these people-" "Are my friends, and i will always have time for friends. Now, please, put my groceries away." "Yes, ARama." She left with my bags and i turned to the others. They were all there. Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, Zuko and Mai. I hugged each and every one of them. Althought Zuko and Mai tried to refuse. "Oh, Sokka, i talked to Yue today. She said she's happy for you and Suki. I congradulate you too." They had gotten married. He nodded
"Oh, i have one more appointment. Go make yourselves comfortable." I went to my little room as they went into my living room. I rearranged things so it at least looked clean.
Two people came in. I didnt really pay attention to what they looked like. "Hello." "Excuse me! Only one at a time." "Kai, its fine." I turned back to the couple. "What is it you want to know?" Then i realized the woman had war paint on, and the man had a hat. I ignored it.
"We have a friend on the other side. Can you see if hes alright?" "Whats his name?" "Jet." I looked at them, stunned. "L-Longshot, Bee?" They nodded. "Bee, you look like a girl." I hugged them both. "I could saw the same for you." I blushed and looked behind them. Jet was leaning on my door frame. "I have a freeling Jets fine." "Right behind us?" I nodded.
"How did he die?" "Well, he died a few days ago. I dont really know of what. Probably picked a fight he wasnt supposed to pick." I nodded. "Well, you guys feel like seeing the avatar group? They're in my living room right now." "Sure. But we have to go soon. The hideout may not survive well without us there." I nodded and pulled them into my living room.
They all stared at each other for a moment. Then i said something to break the silence. "So, im going to make tea." "Anyone want to help." Zuko got up. "Uh,not you. If i learned anything from Ba Sing Se, is that you cannot make tea." I pushed him back down in his seat. I had forgiven him eventually, but i held a five year grudge.
"I'll help." I nodded and pulled Aang into the kitchen.
"So, the freedom fighters are back." I nodded and lit the fire. "And, jet?" "Dead." "Oh, im sorry. Are you ok?" I nodded a tear runnign down my face as i remembered the last night i saw him. Then i saw Jet, when we were younger. A flashback.
Longshot was telling them that i had left. "But, why?" He shrugged. "Sh ecouldnt have left. Not after last night." "What happened last night, Jet?" "N-nothing." He turned away, a tear running down his cheek.
"Ara! Arama! The tea, its-" I saw that the tea was boiling over. "Oh!" I took it off andborught it out to the living room. I poured cups for everyone. I glanced over at the kitchen door, and Jet was there. Im sorry. I had to leave.
He nodded and wakled away. I felt like chasing after him, but couldnt. I put a smile on my face and turned back to the others. "So, what you two been up to lately?" "We got married." I smiled. "I know. I saw it right before i left. Thats when i knew that i had to leave. Or i would get in the way." "Oh?" I nodded and took a sip of tea.
I sat in between Zuko and Mai, who were making out again. "So, Zuzu, hows uncle?" "Uh, hes fine. Just in Ba Sing Se right now actually. Seeing how the jasmine dragon is going." "Hm. Right, i help when i can." "So, Ara. Theres a reason why we came here. And im glad Smellerbee and Longshot are here too."
I turned to Aang. He looked serious. I stopped smiling. "As you know, the peace conference in the fire nation is coming up soon. I would like you three to represent the earth kingdom. I dropped my tea, spilling it all over Mai and i.
"But, wouldnt someoone else be better? Like an official?" He shook his head. "No, it would be better for you three to do it." "Well, i would love to Aang, but im book tight until next month." "Yeah, and the freedom fighters can hardly survive without us." "I thought the count for the freedom fighters was, around three."
Smellerbee glared at Zuko. Then i realized that my lap was still wet, and so was Mais. I brought her into the kitchen to clean up, before it got too ugly. After we were finished, Bee was still glaring at Zuko. "We've been gathering recruits." She was grabbing her sword, the one i gave her. I put my hand on hers and looked at her. Bee, relax. She nodded. "You're right."
She put her hand back on Longshots. "But he still has no right to-" "Bee!" "Ok, ok. But-" "Bee." "Grr." I sat beside them on the ground.
"Well, as i was saying. You have a week to decide. In the meantime, we have to get going." He stood up with the others. Bee and Longshot stood as well. "We need to get going too. To make sure the Duke and Spatula havent burnt down the hideout yet." "Oh, ok. Bye guys." I hugged everyone in hte avatars group. Then they left on Appa. I turned back to Smellerbee and Longshot. "Do you guys really have to leave?" They nodded, then Smellerbees face lit up. "Maybe you could come with us!"
She started pulling me out the door. "No, Bee, i have to stay. These people-" "Can do without you for a day or so." She was stronger than before. I struggled to break free, but they ended up carrying me all the way. We were on the ferry, on the way to the woods. No turning back now. I sighed as i leaned back on the railing.

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