Did He Just Bite Me!!!!! part 2 (read intro)

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Chapter 1


by: tree_hugg
....After a couple of minutes stuck in class i wish that i had put away my lunchbox in my bookbag because i kept on getting curious glances from Melina n Ms.Mooning.I couldn't really understand the glances from Melina she looked disturbed,but Ms.Mooning i just thought dat she was going to confiscate it so i was just waitin until she said something but she never did.So finally i put the lunchbox in my bookbag wen i was sure nobody was looking,n then i proceeded by looking out the window as if nothing happened.As i was looking outside,drowning out Ms.Mooning's voice i saw this iresistebly most adorable dog ever. i could tell that it was a beagle it still looked lyk it was still in its puppy years,it had soft gray fur,n the eyes were black,but around the eyes it was surrounded by black fur which made it look lyk a mask making look lyk zorro:3.but oh it was so cute,i felt so warm inside,i thought dat i was gonna go throught the same phase i went with the bird but instead it was only pure happiness seeing this adorable dog,i was watching it running towards my school with its cute stubby paws n its tongue hanging out as it got closer i could see that it had baby teeth, some hardly noticable,it was so cute.But then it was heading away from the main entrance until it dissapeared completely.'Well' i thought 'that was cute'.by the end of class i had already forgotten about the dog. and on passed the day until lunch.i decided to bring my bookbag with me for that i could not be carrying the lunchbox.I stood at the lunch line getting the usual:apple,chocolate milk,n pb&j.Wen i had paid for it n was heading outside,Melina stopped me halfway followed with her 'crew' of blondies "So wats up with that funny lunchbox of urs" she said with a hint of curiosity.wat the? y did she care about that lunchbox,wat am i gonna say,'oh no its just my vampie food,u know,food with blood',heII no i'm not gonna say that,i'll just lie about it "Wat about it?" i said in a casual voice."Um-um..." she was stammering.haha got her now wat would she gonna say dat she actually lyks the lunchbox,thinks its cool,nuh-uh not in front of her blondies.Melina just looked at me,lost for words n then just sneered n said"Nothing,i just think dat u look lyk a dork,carrying a stupid emo lunch box" she laughed n her blondies behind her were having a giggle-attack n some of them said 'dork' or 'emo freak'.i didn't care about Melina's blondies it just hurt me to see how fake she has turned into,she used to listen to these bands with me,n how she has to be stuck-up,i know that she didn't truly wanted to say wat she just said,she couldn't she just can't.i was her friend ,we were really close y did it al turn up lyk this.it's all my fault if i hadn't called the police......no not now Alesana,don't think about it. i think that it was only lyk 2 seconds wen all these thoughts formed in my head but i didn't want to talk to this stuck-up bi*** who makes fun of ppl to make her 'crew' laugh.i tried to keep my face as blank as possible,n i think i succeeded,because Melina was searching my face when she was interrupted by Patty she was yelling from across the cafetiria "ALESANA,ALESANA SNOU,LOCKER BUDDY..." oh no i felt my face getting hot "Well i gess u r not dat intresting if ur hanging out with dat loser" Melina sneered n walked away with her 'crew' giggling away.i didn't even turn to look at Patty,i just hurried outside to my table overlooking the back of the school.i sat down put the food from the cafetiria on the table n took out my lunchbox with the vampire food.i just sat there staring at the food,thinking which one should i eat.i'm scared dat if i don't eat the vampire food the vampire phase will happen,but how about the human food,maybe i should a little bit of both,yea maybe i should.And with dat i ate my pb&j...wen i was done with it i continue on with the normal apple..when i was down with dat too,i looked inside the open lunchbox at the purple blood carton that read 'Suck It Up' i chuckled i still found the name funny.oh well if i want to avoid killing anybody i should drink it.i took the carton out of the lunchbox,just get it over with,i told myself.i unstuck the black straw n punctured it throught the hole.i was squeezing the carton a little too hard because some blood dripped on my hand but i just ignored it because i could already smell the blood.smell so good,my fangs push themselves out of my gums.i put my lips to the sraw and began to suck it up.as soon as the blood touch my tongue a growl escaped n i found it hard to concentrate because i just wanted more n more...n then it was over no more blood. i groaned it was so good,my fangs still wouldn't go back to their places n i didn't know how to put fangs back in my mouth,they don't teach u dat in elemantary...a wet smooth feeling was going on in my hand,i looked down n saw the cute gray beagle from earlier.it was licking the hand that i dropped blood on.i just looked down at it dumbfounded,but then a small smile appeared on my face,the dog looked so adorable:3,it was looking up at me while licking my hand,i raised my free hand n scratch its head,its stop licking my hand n just looked at me with those black eyes.''Hello,little fella'' i said in a friendly voice,the little fella's mouth fell open a little bit staring up at me n then continue licking my hand.i just stroked its head thinking about how good the blood was,i snatched the vampire apple out of the lunch box n bit it.the apple gave the same pleasure as the blood carton n pb&blood sandwhich.i looked at the inside closely it looked normal but it had tiny tinge of red spread across it n i wonder outloud ''How do they put blood inside of an apple?'', ''Do you know little fella" the dog just stared up at me saying nothing n the continued licking my hand.oh well,i took anoher big bite the piece fell outof my mouth because wat i saw rite in the core of the apple was fascinating.instead of the apple core being there,their was a little bean size pill,it was glowing blood red,n instead of having apple seeds it had all the little roots sticking out of it,i think pumping blood to th whole entire apple. 'chompchomp' huh? i looked down n saw that the little fella was taking a bite of the piece of apple that fell from my mouth."Huh so u lyk that rite." i thought it was odd because it wasn't a normal apple,this apple contain blood,either human or animal.but i doubt that this is animal blood.i continue eating my apple n when i was done with it i took the little bean size pill n swallowed it.it was so good,that was definetly the best part of the apple.my fangs still were showing so i couldn't go back to school lyk this,but their was still time left for lunch so i decided to wait.i put all my things away including the lunchbox,n just sat there stroking the little fella who was still eating the piece of apple.i was thinking of wat going on with me i know that im crazy now but.....i felt the same pinch that HIM has given me that night,???,the memories came,i looked down at the little fella n saw that his baby teeth were spikey n that his canines resembled a great deal lyk fangs.Its eyes were a vivid red,n it's fur was up in its end.it looked deranged.I looked down at my hand n gasped,their were two punctured holes dripping blood but already instantly healing.My head was spinning wat just happened this dog just bit me..wat is this...is this a vampiredog!!!

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