Did He Just Bite Me!!!!! part 2 (read intro)

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Chapter 2

It's Okay

by: tree_hugg
...Wat the heII this dog just bit me.i was still frozened looking at the dog,it was still bearing it's fangs at me n his fierce red eyes were still upon me. We sat there lyk that for wat seem lyk eternity,but slowly the dog's eyes began to become dimmer n darker,n it's fangs began to decrease in size until the dog was back to that cute adorable dog with black eyes n baby teeth.it was staring at me with it's tongue hanging out n waging its tail. It looked happy,totally unaware of wat just happened. i just gaped at it with my mouth slightly open. i burst out laughing . i don't know y but i thought that for sure i'm crazy because their is this cute adorable dog that just turned into a vampiredog n bit me,n i'm laughing about it,yea rite lyk anybody can believe that.but i don't care i lyk this dog,because atleast i found someone who has something in common with me.It doesn't matter even if he is a vampiredog,or that i'm here laughing about how he just sucked my blood,no it doesn't matter.i guess i can't even explain to myself y it doesn't matter,but i 'feel' that it doesn't matter.i don't feel scared at all with this dog.i raised my hand and scratch the dog behind the ear,n then it started licking my hand again,n i saw the baby teeth..."Hey little fella i'm gonna call u Spike because of the way ur teeth get when u get...well u know when u get transform or whatever happens wen ur a vampiredog." Spike seemed to know wat i was saying because he just gave a cute bark n continue waging his tail. i hesitated but then slowly i wrapped my arms around Spike's small body n carried him close to my body hugging him. "It's okay,don't worry i won't hurt u" i said this in a soft voice because Spike was squirming so i pull apart just a little bit to see that he had his tonge hanging from his mouth n then just started licking me lyk crazy,all over my face,my lips tasted wierd i was cover in dog drool but i laughed because this is the happiest that i've been since that night...the bell rang.Oh S*** i forgot that i was still in school.i put Spike down got my stuff,kneeled on the floor where Spike was n said "I hope i see u later Spike" he just stared at me waging his tail n his tongue hanging out his mouth. "Okay see u soon" i kiss his soft fur on the top of his head n started running to class i heard a distant bark,n i thought it was Spike but i just let it go n walked into class......Finally after such a long day,i was finally making my way into last period.i still can't believe this is the second day of school,wat a long year this is going to be. As i took the same seat i took yesterday next to Patty,i looked out the window n saw Spike.i smiled because he was sitting under the shade of a tree with his tongue out. "HELLO,LOCKERBUDDY!!!! Where were u today in lunch i didn't see u." i looked at Patty she was giving me a silly smile n her eyes were gleaming "Oh u know i lyk to eat outside of school" i said casually looking outside the window to check if Spike was there but he wasn't.oh well. i looked back at Patty n she was gaping at me "OMG,that's so cool,u eat outside of school lyk wat u go to McDonalds,BK,or Wendys,or Maybe we should go out together n eat at Wendy's plzzz in Oklahoma their is no Wendy's i've only just heard of it..." she just droned on n on about fast food places,totally missing my point of eating outside. the bell rang n i hadn't even noticed that HIM was already in his seat.i turned around n saw that HIM was staring back at me.i got goosebumps all over my body,he scared the cr@p out of me.but saving myself the embarrasment to run i turned around very casualy keeeping my face blank. i just heard HIM chuckled behind me. wat the heII was his problem?.....

Dimitri''s POV
So Alesana finally ate the food,good.Father told me that her hunger will be increasing by day but to wait until it's time to change her.I told him y can't i bite her n get it over with but of course he told me we just have to be patient with her,well screw him.I saw Alesana eat the food it looked as if she really lyked it,i still don't know y she was laughing though,how stupid,yet so strange y did she laugh??...I just sat here under this tree feeling the slight breeze hitting my face,n the lingering smells filling my lungs.This makes me happy,peaceful just sitting outside letting mother nature take care of me as she gives me air to breath n sweet smells to sniff...i got up reluctanly n made my way over to last period,as i walked into class it was the same as usual the ladies all turning their heads to look at me with an infatuation.I spotted Alesana in the same table she was sitting at yesterday,she was obviously not looking at me but out of the window. i took my seat n the same seat as before,n heard Alesana's partner,i believe her name is Patty, but she just exploded with delight as i heard her say "OMG,that's so cool,u eat outside of school lyk wat go to McDonalds,BK,or Wendys,or Maybe we should go out together n eat at Wendys plzzzz in Oklahoma their is no Wendys i've only jst heard of it..." i couldn't stand to hear the rest,she was just to annoying,i give Alesana sympathy for keeping up with her instead of exploing in her face.But Alesana was not listening to a word her bimbo-friend was saying,she just looked bored.Surprisingly she turned around to face me,it startled me because she had the same peculiar expression n gave a sharp breath.i could already smelll her scent,it was tempting,but her face went blank n she turned back around.Wat a strange girl,strange girl indeed.Maybe Father is right let's be patient n see wat happens.....

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