Did He Just Bite Me!!!!! part 2 (read intro)

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Chapter 3

Use To It

by: tree_hugg
Alesana's POV
Well,i'm starting to lyk art class because so far i've managed to ignored Patty n HIM by just looking out the window n listening to wat Mr.Poe has to say which i find really cool.Mr.Poe desn't seem to have the teacher vibe that i expected but he is strict about certain things.Today he just told us the basics about the artists in the world n their history,n how we would start to sketch on our sketch book everyday in class with the assignment he tells us.I was so excited because i love drawing i could say i'm pretty good at it,but i also lyk taking photographs.I love to take pictures not of myself but of the world lyk a caterpillar in a tree,or a butterfly,or my drawings.After class while i was heading home i was to busy thinking about wat i'm gonna start drawing.When i could see my house in plain sight,i thought about the stranger that came to my house.And rite their infront of my house was the same stranger,i still couldn't tell if it was male or female,i was almost running towards my house to get a closer look,when in my doorstep was a brown paper bag with ofcourse i could tell was the vampire food.But that didn't matter.Again the stranger turn around to look at me n then started backing up again into the forest.Oh no,not this time.i dropped all my stuff in the front yard of my house n started sprinting off towards the forest.I saw the stranger i couple feet away from me,i forced myself to run faster....before the thing with the incidents n everybody hating me,i use to be in cross crountry n track i was a really fast runner n i won a trophy n everything but ofcourse i gave all that up...I was approaching faster n faster towards the stranger i reached my hand out n yanked the black coat back but next thing i new i was flung foward n landed just a couple feet infront of the stranger.i winced in pain but didn't say a word. I stood up quickly,n looked at the stranger's face which was covered in thick fabric,which looked as if i as looking into a black hole. "Wat the heII is ur problem? I just want to know wats going on n y do u come to my house n leave this vampire food on my doorstep" i said calmly feeling that now is not the best time to lose my temper. "I'm only doing my job" the stranger said hastily in deep voice which i could tell that he was a man. "wat job?" i said softly,but he didn't answer. "Do u know wats happening to me?" i said in a strained voice,i keep on thinking that i'm a monster,i don't know wats happening to me,i don't have none to talk to or else they'll put me in a strait jacket.All my friends have abandon me,my heart aches for company i feel lyk i'm stuck in a world i'm not supposed to be in...the guy gives a grunt snapping me out of my thoughts,he starts to walk away WAT?!!!! "Hey wait,u can't just walk away" i said suprise. "Watch me" he said in a douche tone. i tried to catch up to him again but he flung me forward just lyk before,wat a jerk. "Will u stop doing that ,it's not lyk i'm going to attack u" i said. "Whatever" he said in bored tone. WAT A JERK!!! "Atleast tell me your name" i said. "No" he said the same voice. that's it, i got rite infront of him n kicked him in the balls,i didn't care.I did it as hard as i could he just fell to the ground wincing in pain."Ha that's wat u get for being a jerk" i said in a pleased voice n started laughing.He gave a loud growl that shut me up,he got up with blinding speed n got ahold of my arm.But i didn't really give the effect of being scary because he was wincing in pain n his legs were slightly trembleling,n he was also holding his privates.It was halarious i burst out laughing n he gave a grunt.he reached out his hand for that he could stand up,ah man now i'm worry if he really is hurt.the least i could do is help him,but he was a jerk,oh all rite.i grabbed his hand n it sort of stung lyk when u get electricuted,but i ignored it."Thxs,oh n u can call me Spike" he said in a mocking voice,which sort of surprised me."Whatever" i said smirking n made my way out of the forest.

The next few days were the same,the guy kept on coming leaving me food n me n Spike were starting to eat together regularly n those first few weeks sort of went peacefully,i was starting to get use to it...

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