Did He Just Bite Me!!!!! part 2 (read intro)

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Chapter 7

You Make Me Laugh

by: tree_hugg
Dimitri's POV

I'm not telling u of my business in dat party Alesana said her lovely lips forming a frown. Y did she have to make this so hard,can she wait until the time is rite,she is so irritating. And y is dat i said making it sound lyk a threat,but she didn't even flinch. Y should i tell u anything about the party if u won't even tell me who u r,or y i am lyk this she said more fiercely,i could hear her heart pumping fast. y does she want to know so badly,she won't lyk it one bit if i told her dat she was going to be part of a vampire war!!!!! but since she insist. Very well,u seek the truth i will give it to u.let me tell u Alesana Snou about me i said still thinking of the mistake dat i'm doing but if she insist so badly,i don't want to hear dat i didn't warn her...... i was taking off my cloth dat covered my face,the whole time looking down. when i felt the small breeze hit my skin,i didn't even dare to look at Alesana. wat will she think about- WHOOSH i looked at the place dat Alesana was standing just seconds ago. i saw her body going down to the ground,at first i thought she fell asleep,but dat was a ridiculous thought. With instinct i flung myself down towards her. i caught her lightly on my arms,she looked lyk an angelic angel on my arms. i looked down at her body,she had an amazing figure i had to say,all the right curves were there. her bare leg were long n toned,but her feet were covered in dirt from walking barefoot. i looked back at her face,her lips were a rosy pink,her hair had a natural sheen to it,but her skin was a little too pale,must be from the transformation. she also had dark circles under her eyes. poor girl,i thought. almost the same same thing dat happened to me was happening to her. but the thing dat is a mystery was how she came to be this way. i wonder who turned her into a vampire. well of course she's still not really a vampire,not until she drinks blood from the one who turned her....... i looked up at the sky,it was a light gray. i better get her to her friend's house.i layed her down on the floor,n climb up the tree in a matter of seconds to get her lunch down. her Suck It Up juice was laying on its side blood dripping from the straw. but everything seemed okay. i stuffed the paperbag in my bulky coat n jumped off the tree. i landed lightly on my feet n picked Alesana off the ground. only one minute had pass when i did this. now all i had to do is follow her scent back to the house......

i found myself infront of a fair colored house,with a red roof. i wonder which friend she stayed over.... i went in by the back,as i entered the living room i saw all kinds of junk food laying on the floor infront of a t.v. which was showing cartoons. i made my way up the stairs,n made my way to the door dat Alesana came from. i opened the door,to a rainbow room. YUCK no wonder Alesna ran away from here. laying on the white bed was no other than her dumb friend,Patty. This is the girl dat Alesana bit!!!! oh no,this is bad. this girl is a vampire,if Alesana bit her without being a full vampire then- Patty started stirring in her sleep. Damn,i layed Alesana next her,with reluctance. i took one last look at Alesana n left. i had to investigate n see where this Patty had come from. i checked all the rooms n found nothing wrong,until i reached a closet in a the master bedroom. inside were pictures of people. people who live in this house,it was a family of five. a mother n father with three kids. the oldest was a boy dat looked around 10,the middle child who wasa boy must have been 8,n the youngest was a girl who looked around 5. there were more pictures of them,each kid had a picture in their own rooms.the little girl's room was the same room dat Patty claimed to be hers. Wat is this girl up to. Slam i heard a door closed. i know dat i must not go,but i have to warn my parents about this. i stood up opened the window n jumped out. i ran straight to the woods. n dissapeared in its shadow....

Patty's POV
i woke up because of Dimitri. wat a fool,if he knows dat i'm a vampire,he should've known dat we have great senses. as he made his way to my room i pretended to be sleeping. how humurous my plan is going perfectly well. first lovely Alesana bites me now this fool,comes directly here,not knowing wat to expect. i'm at perfect bliss rite now. he comes in n lays Alesana next to me. it's like watching him walk rite to his doom. i want to kill him,but not now. i need something to happen first......... he leaves the room n i hear him just rummaging through the whole entire house. wat a fool,he practically layed my meal rite infront of me. i got up quietly n looked at Alesana. she was knocked out for sure. she is also a fool. i bet she feels terrible because she bit her dumb-witted friend,she makes me laugh. i went out the room n slammed the door,just to get a scare out of him. and for sure he jumped out the widow n ran. how dumb does he think i am,first he knows i'm a vampire n comes to my home,then he lays the person dat i want to devoure rite infront of me,then he leaves his scent behind. how reckless is he. vampire these days don't know how to act lyk one.

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