The time of the black moon

The time of the black moon

Ok so this story is about a natural disaster- when there is a very rare eclipse that goes totally wrong and blocks out the moon completely and does'nt go back to the way it's supposed to. It's a science-fiction novel thingy. Everyone feels the world is ending, barely any natural light and the food runs out and the tides cause natural disasters because of them moon. This story is about how the main chracter, Violet, and her friends and family survive this tragedy.

Chapter 1

The eclipse

(pic of Violet)
May 19, evening
"Violet, get the lawn chairs!" My mom bellows from backyard. Tonight we're having an eclipse that hasn't taken place for over 700 years. I trudge to the garage and pull out 5 broken, ugly, uncomfortable lawn chairs.
I turn to see everyone on my block setting up chairs in their yards and even some people on the road. "Logan, get the telescope!" my mom yells at my brother in the kitchen, hands full of doritos and chexmix bags. I set up the chairs and pick the least broken one. Most of it is covered in duct tape. My mom gets the lighter fluid and starts a fire in the fire pit. I look up to the sky, it was such a beautiful night, the darkening sky brings out all the stars and the ivory moon, which is getting closer and closer.
By 7:54, the street is in silence. The eclipse is about to start. A couple minutes later, the moon and the sun move torward each other. It is a beautiful sight. The moon and the sun finally combine and they are still. Close to the earth, but still. It just stands there. Everyone just stares in awe. Silence continues. Everything is dark, except for that piercing white light coming from that corner of the moonthat is not covered. The moon and tthe sun are really close now, making my seem uncomfortable. When is it going to it's regular spot? When is the sun going to go away? I think to myself. Suddenly, a baby starts crying from across the street, breaking the silence.
"Oh my God!" A lady yells from down the street. "The moon is blocked out!" I hear a few screams. A few people cry. The neighbors a few houses down even start singing "The Star Spangeled Banner." I look at my mom and we run into the house and immediatley turn the news on. "This just in, it seems the moon is almost completeley blocked out by the sun.." the anchorman says. "Are we gonna die, mom?" my 13 year old brother, Logan asks. "No, we are not going to die, Logan." My mom says. She's not sure though. None of us are.

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