sk8er girl! (cheaper by the dozen story)

tell me what you think and if you like the title cuz idk if i do......
today is the start of my holiday break so i will be working on this and maybe a few other stories.

Chapter 1

character info

Name: Danella (Dani) Elizabeth Wilson Age: 12 has 14 brothers(is the only girl, not including her mom, in the family) with 2 more on the way(yes her mom is pregnant again). picture of her (yes the account is mine, no the picture isn't)

Her family (in order with age)

MOM: Alison Wilson age:46

DAD: John Wilson age: 47

Brothers: Rodger and Harry age: 21

Max age: 20

Chris age: 18

Teddy(T.j. cuz his middle name is James) age: 17

Luis & Ryan(twins) age: 15

James age:14

next is Dani, then Aaron age:10

Justin(J.P cuz his middle name is Patrick) age: 7

Jeff age: 5

Alex age: 3

Sam & Tyler(twins) age: 2

Do you think that any of you could come up with a good title or do you like this one?

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