What would you do if I...

Okay so heres the deal.
i am going to ask a bunch of questions in the text below.
and your gonna answer them!
answer as many as you want, which ever ones you want.
just make sure i know which question your answering.

Example: 1.What would you do if i punched you the face?
you would respond by doing this: 1.i would cry.lol
get it?
By the way, dont answer them by message. Answer them by response or comment whatever its called.

Chapter 1

What would you do if I..

by: Ryan_Day
1.What would you if i kissed you?
2.What would you if i tackled you?
3.What would you if i asked you out?
4.What would you if i punched you in the face?
5.What would you if i got you drunk?
6.What would you if i died?
7.What would you if i showed up at your house?
8.What would you if i was dating your mom?
9.What would you if i beat up your brother?
10.What would you if i hit on you?
11.What would you if i cussed you out?

lol. answer them:]


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