bLeAcHeD SiLeNcE

Kit: 0 yrs of age. Currently in her mother's belly (get what I'm saying here?)
Harmony: 12 yrs of age. Second youngest.
Mallory: 13 yrs of age. Middle child.
May: 15 yrs of age. Second oldest.
Cocoa: 16 yrs of age.
Mel (mom): 40 yrs of age. Single with 4 kids + 1 on the way

Its 2012. plzzzzzzzzzzzz comment

Chapter 1


by: Emini_jem
Harmony: Mama, is the world really gonna' end?
Mallory: Of course not, dummy!
Mom: Mal's right, Harmony....
~~~~~~~Cocoa walks in~~~~~~~
Cocoa: Do I look ok???? I want to look good if I'm gonna' die...
(Harmony burst into tears)
~~~~~~~~~May walks in~~~~~~~
May: Hey Cocoa, about your dress...
Cocoa: What about it?
May: You look the same to me
Cocoa: Ya? And what do I look like to you------
May: ugly.
Cocoa: WHY YOU LITTLE-----
(Harmony grabs Cocoa's waist)
Harmony: DON'T!!!!! STOPIT COCOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May: lalalalalalalalalalal!!
Mallory: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!
Mallory: What? I can yell to y'know~!
May: I think I'm gonna' go to bed....
Mom: Love you, sweetie <3
May: Love you mom!......don't die, heheh....../it is new years after all/
May: Love ya' sis, and you do look great!
Cocoa: Thanks sis, y-you to :)
Mallory and May: NIGHT! :D
May & Harmony: LOVE YOU!!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~ May walks upstairs.... in her bedroom~~~~~~~~~~~
(May brushes her down to the ground, super white-blonde hair)
Annoucer: 2012 IN 3, 2......0NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harmony: WERE NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
(sound of screaming and glass crashing seconds later...)
~~~~~~~~~runs downstairs~~~~~~~~
May: OHMIGOD HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harmony: mayyyy..........
May: ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh.............!! Wheres Cocoa, and Mom, and Mallory???
Harmony: there.......d.....dead......and so am i.........
May: OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~a big earthquake begins~~~~~~~~~~~~
May: ACK!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMIGOD!!!!!! WORST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May:I neeed to get my locket!!! My family gave it to me for my 13th birthday, its a heart and its real diamonds!!!!!!!! They all save months worth of chore money to get it!! I need to grap it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~runs to her bedroom and falls~~~~~~~~~~~~~
May: almost..........

and then she fainted....

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