fruits basket MEETS ouran high school host club

Chapter 1

ritsu come 2 the wrong school


U wake up and it's 8:15 ur late 4 school UR MOMS GOING 2 KILL U. So u hurry and ur friend comes over (her names Haruhi Fujioka) she says "Whats the hurry?" u say "But look at the time." she says "yeah it's 7:45 some1 messed with ur clock" yeah it was my brother i'm going 2 KILL him" u say " what ever lets go " Haruhi says

--- AT SCHOOL---

"Hey who r u mister" u say "wah oh im ritsu sohma im so sorry 4 being in ur way IM SO SORRY WORLD" "hey ritsu u don't have 2 be sorry 4 some1 seeing u now why r u here r u a new student?" (haruhi comes up) "Who's this" haruhi says "im ritsu and im sorry" like i said u don't have 2 say sorry 4 every thing ritsu" u say "u know this guy?" Haruhi says. "Not really" u say "im here 4 Haru Momiji Kyo Yuki and Tohru" says ritsu "who they don't go 2 school here" u and haruhi say. "oh IM SO SORRY" ritsu says. (Tamaiki comes up) "hey tamaiki" u say. "Hi who.." "it's ritsu" "ritsu we'll help u find the people ur looking 4 oh and my names Angle" u say "me 2 i'll go" says tamaiki haruhi says "the king of the host club never drops out does hey. "i guess were all going" u say

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