Don't Forget To Smile || Chapter Three

Chapter 1

Chapter Three

Kayley's POV:

She placed the box on the table the remote was once on. She was rushing her hands through it quickly.

She pulled out 3 things; a necklace, a bracelet and a notebook. She brought each to me.

She handed me the necklace first. It was a heart. I turned it around in my hands.

"Open it." She whispered. I used my fingernails to open what turned out to be a locket. I opened it to see a girl and 2 people; a man and Vicky.

"Who's that?" I asked pointing to the girl. Vicky gasped.

"That's you." She said in a hushed tone. I nodded and then pointed to the man.

"Who's that?"

"That's your father."

"Where is he?" she looked down,holding back the tears.

"He died in the accident that caused you to lose your memory." She said still looking at the floor.
I felt a shock go through my body. I don't remember ever seeing this man's face but yet I felt horrible.

"Oh." I handed back the necklace when she handed me bracelet.
It was very nice. It had many charms on it: a dog, a heart, a pair of lips, a smiley face, a CD, a bike and many more. I put on the bracelet and jingled it around. It only triggered something in my ear cause a sharp pain. I closed my eyes tightly before, having my eyes covered by my hands.

"I'm sorry; you want me to take it back?" Vicky said a bit panicked. The trembling pain in my ears seemed to fade away. I slowly went back to my normal state.
I nodded, "I'm fine."
I looked back at the bracelet.
"Who gave this to me?" I asked.

"Your best friend; Justin." She sighed, "He was a nice boy, he moved. You two were the closet of friends."

I felt bad that I didn't remember. I looked at the bracelet seeing the detail in it.

Her brows furrowed; "I'm surprised you don't remember him."

I shrugged, taken in by the beautiful bracelet.
I handed it back to her. She gave me a notebook.

"You wrote a lot of things in there." She said, as I opened it.
I read through many of them, but I couldn't remember a thing.


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