The Last Words Of Lauren

I hope yhuu like meh story.
Marc forgot about Lauren, thats what killed her heart . . .

Chapter 1

Because You Failed To Care

They were walking down the path that led them to thier favourate place in the world, the small cave near the sea. It was calm and beutiful, only they and the sea knew it existed. Marc and Luaren went there often, they enjoyed each others company,or so it seemed. But this day Marc had called Lauren in a hurry and asked her to go down to the path as quick as she could, wilst she got dressed she wounderd what he could want, but as she put her shoes on she smiled and thought "Maybe he just want to be with me" and left the house.
As they walked Marc didn't say a word wilst Lauren went on about what they should do on the last day of school, she gave him many ideas but Marc never replyed, he always stayed silent. Just a few steps from the cave he stoped, Lauren looked back and said: "C'mon! I want to see a shooting star!" He walked slowly towards her, his eyes not leaving the floor,when he reached her he said in a stern voice:"This has to end". Confused, Lairen looked at him,but before she could say anything he spoke again: "You and me, it has to end here and now". Lauren didn't understand, she started to stutter: "W-what do y-you mean e-end?!" Marc still had a cold look on his face: "It means were done, I don't want to be with you anymore". Lauren's eyes filled with tears: "Wait, you can't just leave me like this don't I mean anything to you?!" Marc looked up towards the distance: "No. You never have & never will. Forget us, forget me, forget your feelings for me". With those words he walked into the distance, not lookeding back not even when Lauren shouted in pain and agony his name, not even when she implored him not to leave, he still walked away.
The following days were hard for Lauren, she could nor sleep, nor eat, everything reminded her of thoes cold words Marc had said to her that eveing. School had gone downhill, she lost focus in lessons, never did homewrok, and never spoke. She stopped seeing her freinds, she stopped using social networking sites and her phone, she had locked herself away from the outside world. When her freinds came knoking at her door she would not see them, her mother had to send them away, regretfully. Weeks passed but nothing changed, she was still closed away from thw world, untill one day she had the courage to send a small note to Marc in english. The note read: "Meet me at the cave, for the tears may kill me" Marc didn't even look towards Laurens direction, he carried looking at his text book and talking to his mates. He had become very popular with girls lately, but he never spoke to Lauren.
Lauren waited and waited for Marc to go to the cave that afteroon, but when he didn't show she knew that her life wasn't worth living. Without a reason the person who she loved had left her, lost contact with her, and forgeotten her. Her heart couldn't take the pain any more, she just wanted to end it know. Near the cave there was a cliff, it was a long drop if you were to jump it, the water there was deep, and dark. Lauren walked to the side, she looked down, and with a breath she jumped. As her body fell into the water deeper and deeper she said:
"Your memorys fill the ocean with my tears". Then it all went black.
After the police had found her body, due to her mother calling as she did not return home that night, they were puzzed as why a girl of that age would take her own life. The day bofore the funeral a letter arrived at Marcs house. Untill then he only thought it was a rumour that Luaren had jumped, but the letter he recived confurmed it all: "Your memorys fill the ocean with my tears" " Godbye because you failed to care." Marc fell to his knees tears falling out of his eyes, but there was nothing he could do, except cry. . .


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