The Cliff, a Twilight Love story

Chapter 1

Ya, I'm his sister

by: ATJudge
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Where to start? This is my first Tiwlight love sotry I've started in a long time. It's my first that's about a minor charator. Thats about it.

Srry if i missed a type-o. When ever I write is late at night, so im kinda sleepy!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"You're moving!?" I screamed. "Ya. The Cullens can only stay in one town for so long, dont worry I'll be fine." I shook my head as he loaded his bags into his crap of a car. "Jake! Think about what you are doing!" He stopped, looked at me, and went back to packing his car. "The thing is Ann, I have. I dont need to. Nessie is moving, and I need to follow." Now I shook my head. "Fine, do what you want. I'm over it." And with that I walked over to my new ( to me ) white Toyota FJ. I got in, started it up, and left his house.

It'd only been about two years since that w -h- ore Bella had had her crappy lil mutt, with the crappy little mutt name. And of course Jake gave her the PEFECT nickname, after a monster. What she is.

Ok, so now that you know how much I hate the cullens, I sould tell you who I am. My name is Annette, Annette Lee, Annette Lee Uley. Sam is my brother. My older brother. I've lived in his shadow for as long as I can remember. I am 17 years old, just finished school, and NO I am NOT a werewolf !!! Nor do I want to.

Being who I am I've hung out with the whole pack. I mainly hung out though with Jake, and Seth. But I was still really good friends with everyone. And like most of them, I did NOT like the Cullens. Seth does, but that's a whole different story.

I parked my car next to the forest. I got out, and started though it. One of the good things about living near the rocky shores, were the cliffs. I saw the clearing up ahead, and soon I was greeted by the light cloudly sky, and the sound of waves crashing against the rocks 68 feet below. I sat down on a fallen tree. This was the place I came to think. "He's the dumbest guy I know. HE's so gross! Falling for some dumb, freak of nature." I stopped my self. I shouldnt have thought that. Werewolfs are freaks too. Only the better kind. They arent dead or need blood to live. I got goosebumps thinking about it. I was just happy that they were leaving, what I wasnt happy about is how they were taking one of my best friends.

Then I heard something in the bushes. I stiffened (sp). My hand went stright to my pocket, where I had my cell, and a little blade I always had on me for defense (sp?). I heard someone or thing walking up to me. I felt something wet against the back of my neck. I relaxed. I turned to see a Sandy-hair colored wolf. "Seth!" I wrapped my arms around his neck. "What are you here for? I though you were..... Oh wait. They left. I forgot." I had gotten so use to thier little "I have to go now! Sam's order! Protect!" That it was strange to see him normal when he was running around.

"Do you have pants?" I asked as he came over beside me. He gave me a almost smiple 'no'. "Come on," I said with a sigh, " I'll get you a pair." Some of the boys changed so offten they run out of pants, which is why our linen closet had 6 out of 10 shelfs filled with different size pants. I sometimes felt like I lived and worked in a Goodwill.

I got up, and he stood, and his head made alittle twitch. "NO!" I shook my head. This time he made a like sneeze sound. "No!" I crossed my arms. He made the noise again. "NO! I'm too heavy for you! And I am not calling my self fat!" I knew what he wanted. For me to climb on his back, and ride on top of him like a three year old. I mean, I'm only 145, but it goes good with my 5'6 body. He sneezed again. "No! And I mean it." Then before I knew it He was running at me, and tripped me. I landed right ontop of him, my face right next to his tail, my legs bent so that my feet were up. He was still standing when I landed on him, and before I could get off, he begun to run. He felt that if we did this we could travel faster then me just walk. My human speed is too slow I geuss.

So I let him, but I would get mad at him, for making me go with his butt in my face the whole time, and forcing me to wrap my arms around it to keep from falling off. HE took me to my car, and I drove while he ran. NO WAY was I letting him in my New (To me) car all dirty and as a dog

Soon we were at my parent's small two story house. I went into see Emily, my sister in law, sitting at the table. "Hey Em. Where's my parents?" She looked from her book, and hid the cover away from me before I could see what she was reading. "Oh! Um, Hi Annie. They went to the store for the cook out to night. Jared was over ealier with a few of the guys, and they cleaned you out." I let out a sigh as I walked over into the hall, opened the closet, grabbed a pair of black sweat pants. "Again?," She nodded. "UH! That's the third time this week! Sooooo," I said chaning the subject. "What'cha readin?" She looked down at her covered book, and then at me.
"That's a lie. Come on, Im your sister, tell me."
She let out a sigh, "Uhhhhh."
"OK, Here."
She pushed the book out towards me, and I picked it up, careful not to lose her spot. I set the sweatpants down, and read the cover:
What to Expect When You're Expecting I scream.
She just sat there, smiling. I dropped her book, and begun to bounce around the room, waving my arms everywhere.
"I know!" She said with a smile.
"How far?"
" 5 weeks."
I screamed again, but was cut short when the back door opened. Emily's face changed fast from happy to shock. I turned to see Seth, human. "What's wrong!" He asked rushing in though the mud room, almost falling over a pair of shoes. It was only then I notice that he had on no pants. "Seth, why are you wearing a skirt!?"

Emily's face got red. There Seth stood in a mini skirt that was kind-of lose.

"I heard you screaming, I wasnt sure if you were in danger, so I changed, only to freak out the old lady next door, and I notice a skirt on her clothing line, so I grabbed it, and ran in here. Trust me, it was not easy getting this thing on." I looked at him, then Em. "Ooookkkkaaayyy." EMily picked up the sweatpants, and threw them at him. "Just put them on, and we'll just act like we were too busy to notice that, Ok?" He nodded.

"WhoooooHOOOOO! To Jared and Kim, and Little April, thier new family memeber who'll be here in only two months!" That night we all sat around the fire on the beach celebrating. Jared would soon be a dad to his wife, Kim's child. This was our version of a baby shower. It was mainly the pack here, but she did have a "Formal" one with all the get ups, and the families.

Everyone was here with thier wife/husband or bf/gf. But there were a few rare singles, such as Seth, Collin, and my self.

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