I Wish I Was A Black Veil Bride (An Andy Six Love Story)

Chapter 3

Piercin's In A Twist

"Alright. Get your piercin's out of a twist. I'm shutting up." He said and sat back in the backseat. ''Damn you.'' I thought to myself. I turned the radio up as we sped down the highway.
We got to our apartment. I threw my keys on the table. Our apartment was pretty huge. It had three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. "Alright. I'm going to get a shower." I said as I threw my jacket over the back of the couch as I walked by. "Me and you both." Jewel said. "I'm gonna wait till in the morning. I'm pretty tired." Axe said. "Only you, Axe, only you." I said walking down the hall. I started taking my necklace and bracelets off. I always left my lip and nose rings in. They rarely came out. I started my water as I pulled my hair up. I got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around me and brushed my teeth and pulled my hair down. "Hey, Check. Have you seen my phone?" Jewel asked threw the door. "No. Where did you have it last?" I asked. "At the karaoke bar." She said. "Jewel. You better hope their still opened." I said. I got my clothes on that I had on earlier. "Sorry. I didn't have any pockets to put it after I talked to my mom." She said as I walked out. "First we'll look in the car." I said.
We walked down to the car and dug around. "Here it is!" She called from the backseat. I looked up. She was up-side-down in the backseat nearly standing on her head. "Now I need help getting up." She said. "How the hell did you get there anyway?" I asked shutting my door. "I don't remember." She said. "Your going to have more brain damage now that all the blood has rushed to your brain." I said. "Just help me will ya?" She asked. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her out. She rolled over on her butt and reached her hand out to me. "I ought to leave you here." I said. "I'm not helpless. I can get up I just need a little help." She replied. I took her hand and pulled her up. I yanked my arm behind me pulling Jewel and nearly making her fall. She stumbled. "Your evil. Do you know that?" She asked. "Yes I do." I smirked.
We got back up to the apartment and went to bed. The darkness of my room made my mind ponder my past. My mind went back to when I was almost fifteen and I started dressing different.
''Mom, just because I dress different doesn't mean I'll be different! I argued. This fight was one we had had for years. Ok fine. I don't care. But you better think twice before you start punching holes in you. You can change the clothes and wash the dye out but the holes won't go away.''
''My mom said. Like I said, I can take the ring out and cover it up with make-up and its only one hole in my lip and nose! I said. What? My dad asked. No. Oh no. Not in this house you won't. He said. What? Now you decide I can't?! I asked.''
I decided to cut the memory off there. It wasn't worth the restless night I would have if it continued. I had to work in the morning. Or tomorrow afternoon. I only had a few hours at the diner down the street. But I would cheat and drive. Everyone had separate cars but last night we all decided to ride in two cars.
~The Next Morning~
I got up. I looked at the clock. It was nine o' clock. That meant I had three more hours until work. So I got up and went in the kitchen. "Morning sleepy head. Usually your the first one up in the morning." Jewel said. Axe was making breakfast. "Yeah. I'm not used to late nights and early mornings.'' I replied. "Having dreams about your friend Andy are you?" Axe joked stirring the eggs in the pan as they popped. "No. My mind merely visited the past." I answered. They nodded that nod that said ''Yeah, right''. Axe sat a plate down in front of me and Jewel. Did I forget how to pronounce Jewels name? Its pronounced Jewl she just started spelling it that way. All of our names were completely off from what are real ones were.
We ate and Axe and Jewel left for work then I went to get ready for my job.
I was cleaning a table when I seen a woman and little girl sitting at a table. I had noticed no one waiting on the lady for a while and there was only a few people there so there was no excuse. I sat my stuff down and walked over to the lady. "How long have you been waiting, miss?" I asked sweetly. "For a little bit. I'm in no rush though." She said. "No, ma'am. You shouldn't have waited this long. What can I get you?" I asked. My mood switching. She told me her order and the little girl. The little girl was so cute. Her hair was honey colored and curly and her eyes were green. I was writing everything down. "Is that all I can get you?" I asked nicely. "Yes, ma'am." She said. I started to turn around but the little girl stopped me by pulling on my apron thing. I knelt down to her level. "Yes, ma'am?" I asked smiling. "Is that real?" She asked pointing to my lip ring. "Yes it is." I answered nicely. "Annabeth!" Her mother scolded. "Its ok." I smiled. "Did it hurt bad?" The little girl asked. "Not a lot. It stung just a tiny bit." I replied. "What about that one?" She pointed to my nose. "Just like this one. It hurt just a very little." I pointed to my lip ring. "Hmmm. Maybe I can get one." She said. "Oh no. Little girls don't need nothing pierced but their ears. Your just too cute to get piercings on your face." I said pinching her cheeks softly. She giggled. "Ok, Anna beth. Let's let the nice lady get back to her job." The lady said. I went to get the womans order. Jessica was sitting on the phone talking to someone. She was supposed to wait on the woman I had just waited on. I grabbed the phone from her hand. "She's at work. She can't talk right now." I said angrily and hung the phone up. "Hey! I was talking to my boy friend!" She said."I don't give a damn! Do you realize that woman waited for someone for over forty-five minutes?!" I asked. "Alright. I won't do it again. Outta my way and I'll go wait on her." She said trying to push me out of the way. I grabbed the collar of her shirt in my hands and pushed her against the wall. "If it happens again the manager will come out. Do you understand?" I asked. "Ok. I won't. I swear." She said. I let go of her. "Oh, and I've done waited on her. You can do what you do best. Nothing!" I said. She growled and cussed me under her breath.
I got off of work finally. So now it was time to go to the karaoke bar. My phone started ringing as soon as I got in the car. It was Jewel. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey, Check. Me and Axe are just gonna ride in his car tonight. We've done left so we'll just meet you here." Jewel explained.

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