Loves no Fairy Tale(Justin bieber love story)

Loves no Fairy Tale(Justin bieber love story)

Riley Taylor use to be the biggest nerd at her high school , till one day she signed up for the talent show ,and gets discovered . Now shes a huge star getting ready to go on tour with Taylor swift ,Justin Bieber , and others ,but along the way Justin just might get feeling for Riley , but dose Riley feel the same way .

Chapter 1

When life gives you lemons you get discovered

Riley's pov

Why was I doing this , theres no way I would ever win the talent show . If anyone will win it's Missy . I hate her , shes alway picking on me ,and now after I lose shes really gonna be picking on me with the rest of her friends .

Just then , the crowd cheered , and Missy walked back stage ,and looked at me .

" Break a leg Taylor .", she said ," No really .",and laughed walking away . I was really nerves now ,I hope I don't mess up . Great , Mrs.Charm said my name , will here I go .

I looked out at the big crowd of people , I saw my mom in front . I sweated taking the mic from Mrs.Charm . I tuned to face the crowd as the light was now on me .

" Hi , I'm Riley Taylor and i'm gonna sing 'Mine',by Taylor Swift .", I said making then all clap ,and the music started ," Ohh, oh, oh, oh, oh Ohh, oh, oh, oh, oh You were in college working part time waiting tables weft a small town never looked back, I was the flight risk with the fear of fallin' wonderin' why we bothered with love if it never lasts .".............

After tanent show

Everyone said I was amazing , people were shocked I could sing ,but so was I . Then Mrs.Charm called me over to her . She said ," Riley , that girl over there wants to speak to you .", I nodded walking over to the girl with blond hair talking to my mother . Then I got a good look at her............ Taylor Swift ?

" Hi .", she said looking at me , " Your Riley ,right ?"

" Um , yea .", I said , I couldn't believe i was talking to Taylor Swift , I was such a huge fan ," Thats me ."

" Well , Riley how would you like to be signed ?"

" Signed to what- Oh .", I said , " Really ?"

" Yes , I really like your voice ,and I want us to get started recording you right away ."

Is this really happening ?

" Well ok .", I was speechless , I didn't know what to say ," If its ok with my mom ."

" Sure , it's alight with me .", my mom said ," We all ready talked things over ."

Just then I heard that they were about to give the award to the winner . I ran out on stage , next's to Missy .

" And the winner is....",said Mrs.Charm , but her face expression changed ," Missy Clay ."

The crowd was even shocked , Missy ran to get her award ,but no one really cheered .


I didn't really care , I just got discovered ,by Taylor Swift . Thats more of an award then anything .

" Well , see .", said Missy aloud to her friend Molly ," I told you I would win ,and that RILEY ,would lose .", they both laughed , I snapped .

I walked over there and said ," You know something Missy , I may have lost ,and didn't get the award ,but I tried . My trying got me something better then first place ribbon ."

" That is..."

I pointed behind me . They stopped laughing when they Taylor .

" Omg .", Molly said .

" Whats is she doing here ?", Missy said .

" She just signed someone .", I said putting my bag on my back ..

" Who ?", they both asked .

" Riley ,come on lets go .", Taylor called out . They were shocked , speechless . I just laughed walking away knowing that really , I won the award .

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