ouran high school host club 4 (SPOILERS) please read discripsion (END OF SAGA)

ouran high school host club 4 (SPOILERS) please read discripsion (END OF SAGA)

u ironed ur hair 2day u looked pained better read this 1

Chapter 1

ur love


what how did i get here u think oh well some1's in the room "hello miss Angle im Yuki" "hi Yuki how do u oh shigure" u say u both leave and straiten ur hair
u kyo and yuki go 4 a walk "something wrong angle" kyo asked
"wha no" u say and u "trip" on Yuki. he turns in2 a mouse "how cute"u say "im sorry angle" yuki says "it's really cute though"u say "yeah right" says kyo
u roll ur eyes
yuki changes back and leaves embarased kyo says "hey angle ur really cute" "so r u" u say and he kisses u and u kiss him then u race him home (u win
) U see some guy at the door every1 knows him he's there teacher. kyo goes 2 his room u sit down and there teacher goes after him. u go to see what tohru is making and u see her runinng in circles u think what the and then she falls down u go get the phone and call 911 and she leaves 2 go 2 the hospital yuki goes with her. then kyo comes down and he kisses u and runs outside. u go after him hiding and he doesn't see u (u did that cause his teacher told u 2) u go behind the tree. "teacher why out here u know how i get out here when it rains" kyo says "i know" teacher says (teacher saw kyo kiss u) then he grabbed his wrist and says i saw how u kissed her she can help and took off his braclette and he turned in2 a monster and he runs away u run after him and see him on a tree stump in the sand u tell him ur not scared bcause of what u r but u still love him and he changes human and hugs u and says whats ur form and u say plz u don't want 2 know u say and he leaves it at that and now ur the 1 and only 1 who can hug sohma's congrats and u 2 kiss and go home hand in hand but because u still love kyo and akito heard u say that he jacks in and ties kyos mouth and tying him 2 the wall then tying ur mouth u wake tohru she sreams he kills tohru then shigure THEN yuki and then he says u 2 r the only 1s that can b together 4ever unless u start u hate each other and he un ties u2 and u kiss kyo and he kisses u back u both have black tears in ur eyes because of tohru and yuki dying and kyos eyes cause tohru and shigure dying u2 stay 2gether because of all the memories and u 2 love each other then u2 go2 live at winry's ur bff's in FULL METAL ALCHEMIST then u break up with kyo 4 Al 4 about 4 months then u go back 2 kyo even though Al is the cutest and nicest


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