Damon Salvatore Love Story (Girls)

Hey, this wont affect you much but, I just finished writing this story, and my laptop bloody died. So I'm writing it again.. &^@$*@
Location: Woods/Forest/Place with trees
Enjoy,.. Comments would be useful.. 'How to improve..' yada,yada,yada.
this is a thought

(BTW: Is it just me, or is EVERYONE pissed off when people say 'kthankzbaii' .. &%$@.. I could kill..)

I believe in peace.. Violence solves nothing, unless it's a wrestling match or something, y'know.. who wins..

Chapter 1

The Run-in

"So, how would you prefer to die?" I asked reasonably, to my rather petrified 'meal of the day'. She just stood there quivering.
"I-I-I'd rather not die at all," She managed to squeeze out of her. I was starting to lose my temper, and patience. My stomach grumbled.
"Here that? Girls gotta eat. You should be grateful that I'm giving you a say in how you die. I didn't even get multiple options. Now, how would you prefer to die?" I asked, patting my stomach.
I waited through a whole minute of silence. I sighed and sprinted with ease towards my prey. About a metre away from her, I was stopped, unexpectedly, and forced backwards. A young man stood in front of me, in a tense position, I could tell he was ready to fight. I realized I was in that position too, so I relaxed and shifted my weight onto my left leg. I crossed my arms. With hesitation, the man relaxed too. "Who are you?" I demanded, with a hiss in my voice.
"Look.." the man stepped forward, into the moonlight where I could see his face. He's a good-looking lad, too bad as well. "You're not aloud here. Not in these woods." I ignored him.
"Who. Are. You." I glared my red, hungry eyes at him.
"Stefan. Stefan Salvatore. Who are y--" I cut him off.
"Ah! I've run into a Salvatore, have I? How amusing. But seriously, back off boy. I've got some feeding to do." Speaking of my meal, to looked around the Salvatore to notice my food had fainted, and was spread out onto the muddy, leaf covered ground. That's her choice then, to miss out on the fun. I started walking towards my meal, when, all of a sudden, the Salvatore's hand was wrapped out my neck. I looked at him in complete boredom, twisted his arm, and threw him to the ground, the leaves crunched under his weight. I carried on my way towards, lets call my food, Jenna. I carried on my way towards Jenna. Once again, I was stopped, grabbed at the arm from behind. As I turned to face who had hold of me, I heard a growl, which stopped me dead in my tracks. "Ah.." I said with a smile forming on my face. "I wonder who this could possibly be. The brother of Stefan Salvatore, perhaps?" I turned to face Damon, when I knew I was right, I pulled my arm free, and turned my whole body to face him. Stefan quickly stood next to him. "You do realize you are out numbered, don't you?" Damon said while crossing his arms.
"You do realize I am stronger than both of you, don't you? Seeing as I am older." I said back, with a cheery smile, and also crossing my arms. " Also," I said with fake shock, mocking the brothers. "That I have a close friend lingering close by."
"Oh, really?" Asked Stefan stepping forward, so we were face-to-face.
"Mm-h-mm. Oh, Katherine.." I said a little louder than the volume we were talking at, I didn't have to look at their faces to know what expression they had on them, but I did anyway, just for the pleasure. Complete horror and shock. Satisfied, I turned to face behind me, and saw my good friend Katherine walking slowly towards us, when I turned back to face the brothers, she was by my side. I rested my arm on her shoulder, we looked at each other and I said, "I do believe we get this party started."
"As do I." Was her reply. We smiled at each other with our fangs, looked back at the boys, She leaped diagonally across to Stefan, and I did the same towards Damon. He dodged, and I lost my balance. I jumped up and jumped at him again, this time catching him off guard. We both fell to the ground, but I was on top of him. He caught me off guard, rolled us over so he was on top. "Who's got the upper hand now?" He whispered down to me, got out his fangs, and went for my neck. Just in time, I managed to push him off and stand up. But it was Katherine that made me lose focus, calling for my help. I looked over to see her struggling with Stefan, but she didn't look like she was winning. It was then Damon got hold of me and shoved my full force up against a thick tree, if it was any thinner it would have collapsed under the force. I cried out in pain, gave up my strength. "You've got me now," I said coldly, glaring into Damon's eyes. "What are you going to do?" We stared into each others eyes for a moment, Damon frowned, but leaned in towards me and kissed me. A fierce kiss. And to my surprise I kissed back. He pulled away, and I stood there, still forced back into a tree, in complete shock. It was when he mouthed to me, I'm sorry, I came back to reality, but it was too late. He somehow knocked me out.
Knocked me out cold.

Erm, please comment for a next one, add me as a friend so I can send you the link thing. :) I love writing this, and if others like it, it makes writing it so much nicer. The story writes itself in some weird way. I'm discovering it just like you :D anyway, thankyou for reading, :) comment for next one :)

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