Dark Angel- Christmas

YES!!! I have decided to make a Dark Angel follow-up. This happens sometime in-between when Deliah remembers everything and when she decides to bring Alanze back to life. I hope everyone who read and enjoyed Dark Angel likes it!!




Chapter 1

Merry Christmas

I sighed and looked around the bare room, one that was not at all festive. From somewhere in the mansion, I could hear Caelin puttering around.
The black marble floor was warming to the touch of my bare feet. It snowed outside, in the barren, icy landscape. I shivered, almost wishing to be back at home for Christmas. My mother would be making some sort of hot-cocoa, and my little brother would be searching the house for his presents. I would be laughing, helping him to search. My father would catch us ransacking closets, sock-drawers, and the like. But for Christmas, I was in Hell. As was my choice, of course. I wanted to stay with Caelin.
I ruffled my wings. It was nice to feel the weight of them again, sprouting just below my shoulders, like they were part of my shoulder blades. It was also nice not to wake up in fear, thinking that the Dark Angel that held me captive would kill me. And Alanze was dead. We were free.
Cealin walked into the room, a cast still around his dark, raven-colored wing. We all sported injuries from Alanze's attack. Zara's leg was still broken, and I sported various cuts and bruises.
I smiled up at him, letting his black eyes swallow my vision. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He kissed my forehead softly.
"I want a Christmas tree," I whispered.
He pulled back, surprised. "Why?"
"I'm an angel, aren't I? I celebrate Christmas."
He chuckled. "But here, as a general rule, we don't"
"Well... too bad."
He sighed and shook his head. "We used to celebrate Christmas, before the curse. You always made me go up and get a huge pine tree from the human world."
My heart raced excitedly. Stories from the past!
I could only remember it in flashes. I remembered my angel life, but it was still like a fuzzy dream. I remembered the Celestial court of Heaven, and my brother, Quinn... And suddenly, a flash. Like a sudden revelation.
Cealin, sitting next to an enormous green Christmas tree. And on his black shock of hair- Oh, my god,- was perched the red hat of Father Christmas.
I laughed. For a long time. Cealin obviously knew exactly what I was remembering, and smirked. I was so rapped up in the sob-like laughs that I hardly heard him say, "Alright. We'll get a tree, damn you."
I calmed to soft giggles. "I'll go with you to get it."
He smiled, then called over his shoulder, "Zara!"
Something cluttering upstairs. "What?!"
"We need a portal!"

An hour later, we were deep within the Black Forest, in Europe. Cealin said that this is where we had gotten our trees before.
We walked for a while, staying warm in thick coats. I finaly saw a smaller tree, one that wasn't over fifty feet.
More like twelve feet. It was green and alive, and I could already see likes twinkling as Cealin brought the first stroke of an ax to it. When it was down, I stopped smiling. I knelt in the snow and place a palm on the stump of the tree. It grew, gaining needles and branches until it was fully grown. Caelin smiled down at me.
I got up and touched the needles of our tree gently, then looked up at Caelin.
"Let's get this home."

Caelin's POV

I dug through the storage of the mansion. There were old- very old- ornaments here somewhere. Ones that belonged to Deliah. It had been nice to walk in the woods with her, anticipated her excitement at decorating out tree. I sifted through various boxes of things from the past, things that I had thought too precious to get rid of when I had lost Deliah. Finlay, I found a box full of hundred-year-old ornaments, along with recipes for Christmas cookies and fruitcake and the like. Oh, the kitchen staff was going to have a ball with this one.
I brought the box to the main hall, which also served at the spacious living room. But, to be formal, it was called the parlor. Cleaning staff was helping Deliah and Zara to set up the mammoth tree. It stood proudly in the middle of the room, tall and green and utterly huge. Deliah was beaming, furling and unfurling her wings with excitement. But from her I sensed a deep sadness. She wanted her family.
She glanced down at me, then went back to the tree, trying not to dislodge too many pine needles. My broken wing caught on a branch, and I winced in pain.
"Are those the ornaments?" she asked, carefully adjusting a limb of the pine.
"Yeah. Most of them are ones that you brought strain from Heaven with you."
Her blue eyes widened in surprise. "Really?"
I smiled secretly. She scowled.
She floated down on the soft white wings of a dove, looking curiously into the box of little wooden ornaments. She ran a finger along a beautifuly painted ceramic acorn, dusted with snow. Then little white candles with black-tipped whics. "All of these are ours? How old are they?"
"The wooden ones are probably from the early 1900's. The blown-glass and fruit ones are from the 1800's."
"Wow," she breathed, and dug more through the box. She pulled out a tiny wooden sleigh, with minuscule silver bells, and little wooden reindeer. The sleigh was painted red, and a happy-looking Father Christmas sat in the seat.
"I like this one," she said, smiling. She handled it delicately, resting in her white palms.
"You found that in Germany... In the 50's, I think. They were rebuilding from World War Two. You saw that and fell in love."
"I can see why..."
the tree was strung with rich gold and scarlet garland. Bows made of silver ribbon were tied to the branches, and Christmas bulbs of every color dotted the tree. The little white candles served as lights, the fire somehow not touching the branches. Tiny wooden, blown glass, ceramic, and many other kinds of ornaments covered the tree. A wooden nutcracker, an embroidered reindeer, many ceramic Santas, strung popcorn, and so much more.
We stepped back and surveyed our work, and the kitchen staff brought out hot cocoa. They produced an incredible fire in the fireplace. We sat down, Deliah snuggled in my arms with the steaming hot chocolate. She just stared up at the tree for a while, before saying, "It doesn't have a topper. Shouldn't their be a star or something?"
I grinned mischievously. "We had a tradition. We would put the topper on on Christmas morning."
"What does it look like?"
"You'll see."
for a long while, we sat and enjoyed the tree, and I enjoyed the first Christmas in which I had my love back.

Deliah's POV

The next morning was Christmas day. I raced down the stairs, thinking of the wrapped gifts I had left under the tree for Caelin and Zara. The staff's gift was having a day off to loiter around the mansion. I ran down the stairs in a button-up dress shirt that belonged to Caelin, feeling like I was once again five years old and waiting for my presents. Underneath the tree were brightly wrapped packages of joy.
Caelin walked down the stairs, dressed in a black dress shirt and jeans, with a scarlet tie that matched the Santa hat perched on his head. He was grinning. He caught me up in his arms, whispering, "Merry Christmas."
I looked up at him, beaming.
Zara came down in a green dress that matched her flaring, cat-green eyes. Her neon blue hair was in a dissaray, as usual. She smiled at me.
Christmas cookies were on the coffee table. I breathed in the sweet scent of the holidays.
But then everything changed when their was a knock at the door.
Caelin answered it. The guy that walked in sent chills down my spine.
He was another Dark Angel, with black hair and gray wings, with dark, dark gray eyes. He was followed closely by a demon with brown hair and blue eyes. When Zara saw this particular demon, she bristled.
"Kael," Caelin murmured menacingly. "What a horrible surprise."
Kael smirked. "Hello, lovebirds. I see Deliah got her wings back, didn't she? How... nice. I only came by to offer Christmas gifts. Tyler? Would you be so kind...?"
The demon set down gifts at our tree, looking harmless. He flinched under Zara's scuritinizing glare, looking mocking, yet submissive. He sneered at her, eyes flashing dangerously.
"Hey, Zar..." he said.
"Get away from me!" Zara spat. "How dare you come into this house?! How dare you bring him here?!"
Kael cleared his throat politely. "Excuse me, but, Tyler doesn't bring me anywhere."
Zara growled.
"I guess we'll go then," Tyler said, throwing another glance at Zara. "See you, Zar."
The Dark Angel and the demon left, slinking away.
Caelin was stiff with rage. To break the scilence, I turned to Zara and said, "So... you know the demon?"
"Sadly, yes. He's a vamperic demon, which is a lot like a vampire in your world. He's been around since 1240."
Caelin just glared out the window, even though the Dark Angel and the Vampire were gone. I took his hand gently, trying to calm him.
"Do... do you think we could get the tree topper now?"
His eyes softened. "Yes. Come with me."
We walked outside, into the icy air. We looked up at the forever-night time sky and Caelin said "Pick a star."
"Any of the stars. Pick one." the ghost of a smirk appeared on his lips.
I blinked and pointed absently at the brightest star in the inky purple sky. "Ummm... That one."
He held out his palms without any theatrics. There was a soft glow, then a blinding, piercing light that dulled into a tiny pinpoint of brightness. In his hands, Caeling held the star.
"Oh, my God..."
"This is your tree topper.
He laughed and walked inside with me. The star drifted lazily up to the top of the tree, where it sat like the tiniest of suns.
"Presents," Zara said excitedly.
Caelin handed me the first one, wrapped in gold paper. I shook my head and handed him his from me, which was wrapped in silver.
He opened it to find a tiny stone gargoyle.
He looked up at me, not getting the joke. "What..."
"I thought you were a gargoyle the first time I saw you. When you followed me to that party. You scared me so much then... I guess this is me saying 'Not Anymore'..."
He dropped th present and kissed me, swiftly, on my lips. "Its perfect," he murmured.
Then I turned to my present. I unwrapped it slowly, carefuly taring the delecate gold paper. I quivered with excitement.
It was a teddy bear. And old, battered-looking teddy bear with an eyes missing and stitches up the side. It was soft and fuzzy and adorable in is mangled state.
"Your dog chewed this up when you were four. I was with you while your mom was sewing it up. You cried so much..."
I threw my arms around him, not daring to let go of the precious little bear. "Thank you," I whispered. "Oh, Caelin, thank you."
I kissed him them, breathlessly. He had brought me a piece of my human life, a life that had been with him up until I was five. Something that we had shared. Something that I loved him for. I just kissed him, wishing that I had gotten him something more than a stupid little knick-knack. He kissed back, fiercely. I remembered the first time I had kissed him in my captivity, and he had kept that damned secret from me, putting up walls in his ming to keep me from seeing the truth. There were no walls now. Just the simple fact of his love for me, which I returned with my own.
Thats enough, Little Love... he said wordlessly.
I whimpered in protest but allowed him to pull away.
I lay back in his arms, looking out the window at the calmly drifting snow. Demon visits aside, it had been a wonderful Christmas. I pondered things as I lay there, smelling Caelin's unique smell, feeling the brush of his wings against me. My long white hair pooled around us both.
I had a feeling we would here from Kael and Tyler soon. We hadn't even opened their presets. But that worries me little at the time, and I was only happy to snuggle up to my love. My soulmate.
My Dark Angel.
We'll handle them, I thought. We'll have to.


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