Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 49

This is Snyantakyi1 here! Juliet asked me to write this one chapter for her so here we go! :)

Juliet told me, with detail what she wants to happen,. Just telling you :)

Chapter 1

Chapter 49

by: ImBack_
-----Justin's POv----
I'm slowly dying on the inside. all i did was pace around the hallway tweeting on twitter. I had many tweets back like..
@Justinbieber We are all praying for Brooke and the baby. It's in gods hands.
I sighed turning around to walk to the other end of the hallway.
" about you take a seat?" My mom asked quietly. i shook my head but didn't do anymore. God wouldn't do this to me right? I think I'm going to die myself.
I was suppose to come see Brooke to spend time even more. BULLSHT
I was going to end tour back in January but they wanted me to stretch the dates, and i did. My legs started to ace as my pace quickened minute by minute. all heads turned when the door opened. Amy stepped out looking down a bit.
"How is she doing?" I asked going up to Amy. She frowned and finally looked up at me.
"Okay." She croaked out. That's all she could say.
"OH GOD! OWWWWWAHHHHHHHH!" I heard Brooke yell from the delivery room. i flinched to walk in but was blocked by Amy.
"The last thing she wants is you in there." Amy said, giving an encouraging.
I nodded understandingly, and didn't protest any more. I let out a huff of air before christian said; "how about we go get something from the lunchroom quickly?"
I looked at him skeptically, before slowly following him, there.
We waited in line with the others, when someone tapped my shoulder.

[(Now this is interesting! We are mixing my story ~Heaven Sent~ with Stuck in the moment.. Remember this is: Snyantakyi1 that is writing this one chapter for Juliet.)]

I turned around to see a girl with black long hair. her eyes seemed to sparkle, like REALLY sparkle.
"Hello." i said looking at her curiously.
"I'm Mary." She said smiling small. Her eyes narrowed looking deep into my eyes.
Her voice changed, it became softer.
"Brooke will be okay. understand me? She has an Angel looking over, you don't have to worry one bit." She nodded ensuring me. I cocked my head to the side wondering if she was a fan.
I smiled and said a friendly thank you.
She walked away. As we got to the front of the line i saw a newspaper. On the cover it said, 16 year old killed 2 years ago! it's the Anniversary today. My eyes popped out of my head as i saw the picture of the girl..
"No way." I said out loud to myself. Christian didn't even notice but i was a bit shocked. The picture in the newspaper was the same girl that came up to me. Her name is 'Mary'.
My eyes scanned the lunchroom no sight of the girl. We got back to the hallway where My mom and scooter were talking about something.
-----12 hours later---
I don't know how long it was but the door finally opened again.
The doctor walked out with his mask thing on.
We all stood up, about half asleep.
I gulped loudly, "H-h-how are they?" I asked.
She gave a nice smile, "The baby made it, and is healthy." He nodded.
"My wife?" I asked my voice getting a bit louder. i couldn't take it. i am about to bust through that door.
He looked down at the ground and ignored the questioned. The tears began to flood my eyes.
"MY WIFE?!" I shouted this time. He looked at me shaking his head
"Well.....your wife is...."
What do you think is going to happen? Sorry :( Juliet told my to stop here!


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