Life as A Sonic Character PART 2!(READ INTRO!!!)

Thank you for reading! Okay since last story was Mo's POV(Point of View) This is Hannah's POV! NEW Look at our profile backround for our people hedgehog thingies!

Chapter 2

Megan and Sara.

"Which planet?" Mo asked. "The planet I was on, Velopolis." Kristen responded. We landed on planet Velopolis. I was carrying Jimmy (the baby) with me, and we started walking around."Last time I saw them, they were just in their house." Kristen said. We went to Megan's house first. "Hello?" I said. "Hello!" Another voice said. A grayish fox came out the door. She was wearing lots of black, but not TOO much black. She almost looked goth, but she WASN'T. "MEGAN!" Kristen said and went up to her. "HI!!!" She said. We introduced ourselves. "I'm Hannah!" I said. "I'm Morgan-er-Mo!" Mo said. "I'M SILVER!!!!!" Silver said. Megan made a disgusted face to herself after Silver. Poor Silver, everyone is so mean to him! "Hey, you guys look familiar..." Megan said to me and Mo. "Yeah, are you Megan, from that sleepover!?" I asked. "YES!!! Where's Sara!?" Megan responded. "We're getting her." Kristen said. When we got to Sara's house, no one was home. "Let me guess, she's at the mall." Mo said. "Probably." Megan answered. AT THE MALL... We went in this weird girly store. "This is her favorite store, it disgusts me..." Megan said. "Eew, yeah!" Mo said with me. We went inside. "Sara! Where are you?" We all whispered. We found this hot-pink hedgehog at the check-out counter with 5 bags. "Sara!" Kristen said. "gasp Kristen!?" Sara said and turned around. (IF this were a show, when Sara turned around it would be slow-mo and all the guys would stare because of her beauty) She was wearing a mini-skirt with a pink top. "Who's your friends?" Sara asked. The boys were dazed off looking at her, besides Knuckles, Aaron, Charmy, Vector, Tails, and Manic. She was REALLY pretty. We introduced ourselves again. WE WENT BACK TO THE BLUE TYPHOON... "6:00 pm Mo, aren't you gonna change or something!?" I said excitedly. "No, why? It's just a movie!" Mo answered, but I was already in the closet, looking for dresses. "What about this one! Or this one!" I said holding up red and purple short-cut dresses. "NO!" Mo said disgusted. "Can you at least wear a skirt!?" I asked. "No, I'm fine!" Mo responded. AT 7:00... Mo went into Manic's room, wearing the usual, blue shirt, brown capri pants, blue shoes. Manic wore his same clothes too. "Hey! What movie were we gonna see?" Mo asked. "I don't know, I was thinking something like a romantic comedy or something..." Manic said. "Nah, I was thinking something like an ACTION comedy! I LOVE action movies!" Mo said. Jimmy crawled in the room. "Hi Jimmy!" Mo said.

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