Life as A Sonic Character PART 2!(READ INTRO!!!)

Thank you for reading! Okay since last story was Mo's POV(Point of View) This is Hannah's POV! NEW Look at our profile backround for our people hedgehog thingies!

Chapter 3

The Big Date(s?)

Jimmy sat on Mo's lap while Manic and Mo watched Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix. Jimmy was a perfect angel during it. Mo noticed Manic seemed perplexed. "Are you okay?" Mo asked. "Uh, yeah." Manic blushed. What was up? Manic's white-gloved hand reached over to Mo's and held her hand. Then, there was some serious blushing going on. The movie ended and Manic walked me back to my little room. "Thanks." Mo blushed, slowly closing the door. I rushed up to her behind me was Sara, Megan, and Kristen. "What happened?" We all asked, ambushing Mo."He held my hand." Mo whispered. "Oh my gosh! You guys are so wild!" Kristen sarcastically said. I stuck out my tongue at her. 'Oh, like you and Shadow kissed on your first date." I teased. Kristen just blushed and said. "Well, yeah." We all giggled amongst ourselves. "Aaron and I are going to get a pizza! See ya!" I said trying to make a quick escape, but then Megan walked in front of the door and raised an eyebrow. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?" Mo yelled. Mo looked at me. "What?" I asked. "I can't believe I didn't notice you were wearing a skirt and that you curled your hair!" Mo exclaimed. "Oh, okay bye!"
I rushed out the door and up the stairs. "Hey!" I said arriving in the boys cabin. Knuckles was the only one there. AND A LUMP UNDER THE COVERS! Once I saw it I tore off the covers and saw Aaron knocked out. "KNUCKLES!" I yelled, hitting Knuckles. Aaron woke up. "Hey!" I repeated, but in a softer tone. I hugged him. "Knuckles punched you." I explained and he nodded. "I remember that. And everything else." Aaron said. "Good. Where did he get you?" I asked. Knuckles pointed to his stomach. I got some ice, wrapped it up in a bag and paper towel and put it down. We can do this some other time. You need rest." I said. Aaron nodded and quickly kissed me on the cheek. I blushed. "Night!" I said flipping down his light switch to off and walking back to my cabin.
"That was fast!" Kristen exclaimed. "Knux knocked him out so I let him get rest. We postponed the thing." I explained a little irritated. "Did he kiss you?" Kristen I asked. I nodded/blushed. "Oooooo!" Mo teased. I blushed. Does everyone have to make fun? Oh well. It was an awesome night anyway!

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