The Right Move ( a jacob black love story)

Okay, this is my FIRST EVER SERIES. EVER. PLease let me know what you think :) and comment, please, please, please, please!

-Nella x

Chapter 1

A New Beginning

Click I looked closer at my camera screen and sighed. I looked up and checked out the scenery again.
It was 4 days ago and I had just came in from my last day of school before summer break.
My older brother Daniel was carrying boxes full of stuff that I could not make out down the stairs, and put them beside an ever growing pile of them.
'Hey _. Theres about 48 large boxes in your room, should be enough to fit in all your shoes' He grinned.
'Oh, haha very funny,' I hit him on the arm and smiled. 'So dad finally decided to take the job then?' My smile faded.
'Yeah,' He sighed 'The moving vans get here late afternoon tomorrow, and then we catch are flight to America in the early hours of tomorrow.'
I walked up to my room and let a few tears escape, before rubbing them away furiously. 'I am not going to cry' I thought and sighed 'Well, better get a move on with the packing.'
Dad got a new job in some American place called La Push. Id never been there before, heck, Id never been anywhere apart from the other side of England!
Id already said goodbye to all my friends, remembering to take loads of pictures, so much so I used up all my memory.
After packing I downloaded the images to my laptop, flicking through them all one by one, not even caring now that the tears were flowing freely.
End of Flashback
'So here I am' I thought. In La Push. Great. We had just arrived yesterday, Daniel, my dad and me. My mom doesnt live with us anymore, she has another family back in London. But I dont mind, her new husband is nice and my little step brother Leon is fun to baby sit. In a way, her leaving brought my family, the three of us closer together.
I snapped some more shots from a cliff by the beach, it was shortly after 8 in the morning and I was wearing denim shorts and a white tank top with a mossy coloured green cardigan, I was exploring my new hometown and just happened to come across this cliff just through the forest close to my new home. I smiled. 'Well,' I said out loud 'At least the scenery is a plus.'
'Yeah, its beautiful. Isnt it?' a friendly husky voice said from behind me.
I whirled around, and came face to face with a very attractive guy, with the most beautiful smile.
'Hi, Im Jacob,' He held out his hand and smiled at me
. Nice to meet you.' I shook his hand and of all things I blushed. Ugh. I want to die. Right here.
'Nice to meet you too' He grinned 'Your new here right?'
'Yeah, i arrived from London last night.' I told him. He was looking at very intently, i coughed. That seemed to break his trance.
'Sorry,' He smiled, then scratched the back of his neck and looked at me as if he was trying to say something.
But unfortunately i had to go home, 'Sorry, Jacob. But i have to go home now. Finnish unpacking and such, you know.' I smiled at him and he smiled back.
I turned to go, but he grabbed my wrist and blurted 'Uhm, I now your new here and dont know anyone, so do you want me to show you around?'
I laughed slightly, i knew he was nervous and it did seem like a good idea, i mean, what better way to make friends? 'Sure, thatd be great!'
His face lit up, and he grinned at me 'Yes! i mean, er, cool. I'll see you tomorrow then? Around 10am?'
I smiled 'Looking forward to it' and i was.

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