The Right Move ( a jacob black love story)

Okay, this is my FIRST EVER SERIES. EVER. PLease let me know what you think :) and comment, please, please, please, please!

-Nella x

Chapter 2

La Push ... Imprinting? ... and Embry Call

*Jacobs P.O.V*
Eugh! Well, there goes another one, another imprint. This time it's Paul. So .. that makes four imprints all together, Sam, Jared, Seth and now Paul. I sighed. I guess i was jealous, i wanted what they had - Not that i'd ever admit that to them!
It was around eight, when i broke through a clearing in the forest.
And thats when i saw her.
The most beautiful girl in the world. All the lines that held me to my life were sliced apart in swift cuts, like clipping the strings to a bunch of balloons. Everything that made me who I was - my love for my father, my loyalty to my new pack, my home, my name, me self - disconnected from me in that second and floated up into space. But i was not left drifting. A new string held me where i was.
Not one string, but a million.
Not strings, but steel cables.
A million steel cables all tying me to one thing - to the very center of the universe. To the beautiful girl with the camera.
"At least the scenery is a plus." She spoke.
My pulse quickened and before i knew it i replied "Yeah, it's beautiful. Isnt it?"
She spun around and i came face-to-face with smiling green eyes of my imprint.
"Hi, Im Jacob."
"_. Nice to meet you." and she blushed. It made me happy that i could make her do that.
"Nice to meet you too, Your new here right?"
"Yeah, i arrived from London last night." I wanted to break into a happy dance. complete with air punches and cartwheels. London! She came from London!
She coughed politely reminding me that i was still staring at here - probably like a moron at that. I am so lame!
"Sorry" I said, okay, now ... now i just gotta ask her out. But before i got a chance to she said "Sorry, Jacob. But i have to go home now. Finnish packing and such you know." She smiled at me and i got butterflies.
She turned to go, I couldn't let her slip away from me, not when i just found her! I grabbed her wrist and blurted "Uhm, I know your new here and dont know anyone, so do you want me to show you around?"
She laughed slightly, did she know how nervous i was? Probably.
"Sure, thatd be great!"

Later that night when i was coming home from patrol with Paul and Quil i couldnt keep a straight thought, i just kept thinking about her. Her smile, Her laugh, the way she agreed to spend the day with me ...
"Seriously, dude! At least //try// and keep focused?" Paul thought. Quil just laughed as i rolled my eyes, nothing could keep me down tonight!
We phased back and put on clothes arriving at my house, where, to my joy, Emily had sent over piles upon piles of food. I was seriously going to have to thank Sam for imprinting on her - she was an amazing cook!
Then my dad spoke, "So boys, what will you be doing tomorrow?"
"I think thats more of //who// will Jacob be doing tomorrow" Paul and Quil laughed as i turned red and flung a handful of pancakes at them, which of course the dodged. Poor dad actually looked confused, im soo thankful he didnt get it. "What do you mean?"
Paul and Quil shared a look and started singing " Jacobs got a girlfriend! Jacobs got a girlfriend! Jacobs got a girlfriend!" while skipping around my kitchen, ofcourse i blushed more.
I looked at my dad and he was busy smiling away to himself then he looked at me suddenly serious, "Are you sure Jake?"
"yeah, dad. I imprinted on her for sure." i couldnt help smiling when i thought of her again, which made Paul and Quil laugh all the more. But this time i grinned at them and said that im going to bed as it was past three in the morning. Just seven more hours till i see _

*Your P.O.V*
Deep breaths, i can do this.
I mean, how hard can it be to choose an outfit to wear going out with Jake?
All my clothes were flung around my bed, i had my hands on my hips trying hard not to scream in frustration. I glanced at the clock, it was 9:43. I had showered, and had my hair and make-up finished. All i need to do now is choose an outfit ...
Thats how Daniel found me. My bedroom door was open so i seen him walk past, stop and backtrack to my room where he leaned up against the door frame and smirked. "Let me guess. Nothing to wear?" He laughed.
I threw a pillow at him shut the door on him.
The door bell rang just i finished putting on shorts and long sleeved graphic tee.
I ran downstairs just as my dad opened the door to Jacob.
"Hey Jake!" I grinned and ran up to him
"Hey There" he smiled down at me, with an expression i couldnt make out "Shall we go?" He asked
"Sure, lets go." Suddenly i wasnt worried anymore about anything but looking forward to my day with Jake.
As we walked down the path to his car, under the watchful gaze of dad ofcourse. "Have her home by 11:30!" My dad called and closed the door, but i saw the curtain on the kitchen twitch and i knew he was still watching us.
"So," I said as we were driving away "where first?"
He laughed "It's a surprise."
The way there we chatted about everything and anything. He seemed very interested in what i had to say, it made me feel special. Jacob made me laugh telling me stories of what he and his friends got up to lat summer, until he stopped the car.
The 'surprise' ended up being the beach I seen from looking down from the cliff where i first met Jacob.
There were five very tall and muscular guys, just like jake, playing volleyball on the beach where we were walking to.
"_, these are my friends. They said they'd like to meet you, is that okay?" Jake said, he looked worried. But i smiled and said "Id love to meet them! It's on way making new friends right?" He grinned at me happy i was making an effort.
Once they seen us they rushed over and grabbed me in a big bear hug, and i laughed. Then Jake introduced them to me. "_
, this is Sam, Jared, Quil, Paul and -"
"Embry." i cut him off. I stared at boy just three feet away and he stared back. Then he grinned and threw me over his shoulder and ran into the water, "Embry! Stop, put me down!" I couldnt stop laughing, it was so great to see him again!
I was 13 and Daniel was 'in charge' of looking out for a transfer from america in his class for a month over summer before he had to go home. That transferee was Embry Call.
"_! Embry called "Ya wanna go skateing with us?"
"yeah! Hold on one second!" i shouted back i put on my shoes and ran downstaires. Embry was the same age as Daniel - just a year older then me, and i always thought of him as another older brother.
I was skateing when suddenly a dog jumped out on me and i fell, landing on my arm. Embry ran over to me, " _
! Are you okay?"
He carried me home to my parents and held my hand the whole ride to the hospital when i found out my arm was broken.
He was the one who let me soak his shirt with my tears when i found out my mom was leaving us. He was my bestfriend.
"Call me _ okay? Please. When you need anything, just call, i'll be there for you. Always." Embry hugged me before turning away and getting on the aiplane back to his home. I cried myself to sleep for weeks after he left, i didnt have anyone left to talk to now my best friend was gone.
End of Flashback
When walked back up to the others laughing, i looked at Jacob, he looked confused, so i explained to him who i knew Embry. He seemed relieved, but took a step closer to me.
, will come a walk with me?" Jake asked as we sat around a bonfire later that night.
"Of course" I smiled at him jumping up from the sand.
We started walking towards the cliff on the other side of the beach without speaking. Jacobs shoulder brushes against mine. Then i feel his hand. His fingers graze against my own casually at first, as though by accident - then, slowly, entwine themselves around mine.
I somehow force myself not to catch my breath. Still neither of us has spoken, i'm not sure i can speak! The only sounds of our footsteps' muffled thud as they hit the sand and waves of the ocean in the distance.
We come to a stop at an old washed out tree stump, just big enough for us to sit on. But when i go to sit beside Jake he pulls me onto his lap and i rest my head against his chest, content to listen to his heartbeat.
"_?" He whispers
"Yeah, Jake?"
"Uhm, i have to tell you something .." I can tell hes nevous by the way his heartbeat increased. I looked up at him and smiled "Shoot."
He looked down, took a deep breath then looked me in the eyes "Ha-have you ever heard the stories of my ansestors?"
"The ones about wolves?" He nodded. "Yeah, when I found out I was moving here, I researched. I remember reading the story. Why?"
He took another deep breath "Because,,well, because they're true. I - I'm a wolf. well, shapeshifter acctually, but still."
I looked at him closely, there was something in his eyes that told me he was telling the truth. But i still wanted proof. "Show me."
"Show you? What, Now?"
"Yup." I stood up and took his hand and led him in to the woods. "Please?"
He sighed, scared of my reaction "O-okay." He moved behind a tree and a few moments later a huge russet coloured wolf appeared. I could tell my facial expression was shock. He moved slowly towards me, and stopped a few feet away. Giving me time to take it all in, then i laughed. I walked up to him and stroked his hair, "Jacob, i dont care what you are." I smiled at him, " It doesnt matter to me."
The wolf look at me turned around and Jake came back out from behind the tree. "Thats not all."
"What do you mean?" i asked looking at him
He ran up to me "I imprinted on you."
"imprinted?" He then proceed to explain what it is and my smile grew.
"why are you smiling?" he asked i laughed
"I think its very sweet. I'm actually quite flattered too."
Then jacob laughed relieved. He took me in his arms and huged me, lifting me off the ground and spinning me around. i laughed until i was breathless and he put me down.
He looked at me and bent his head towards mine, and i leaned in and he closed the gap, crushing his mouth against mine, very sofly but still full of passion. he put his arms around my waist and i put mine around his neck pulling him closer. It was my first kiss, but it was all imagined it to be, and better.
we finally pulled away needing air and Jacob hugged me close and whispered in my ear "I love you _
"I love you too Jake."
Suddenly, there was a russle of leaves from behind me and a voice called out "Well, isnt that all very sweet? Too bad it wont last long." Jacob looked up and growled at whatever it was behind me and pushed me behind his back.
I peeked from under his arm and saw .....

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