The Right Move ( a jacob black love story)

Okay, this is my FIRST EVER SERIES. EVER. PLease let me know what you think :) and comment, please, please, please, please!

-Nella x

Chapter 3

A dream

... a beautiful man, with coffee coloured skin and bright red eyes. But he wasn't staring at Jacob. He seemed to be looking through him. Looking at me.
Jacob started to shake.
That's when i started to get scared. Who was this man? He had a sinister look about him, but yet i still couldnt look away from him.
The man took a step forward towards me and tilted his head to the side looking at me with pure hatred.
"Get away from her" Jacob growled.
The beautiful man seemed to realise that Jake was there and looked at him with a mixed emotion of anger and pain? I was confused.They knew each other?
"Ah, the shapeshifter."
Then, suddenly he lept on Jake before he could phase. I screamed and Jake looked at me, frozen.
The man laughed, but before i could even blink the man put his hands on either side of Jacobs face and twisted his head.
The was the sound of bones breaking. Then nothing.
I ran over to Jacob and held him, crying.
I heard a chuckle coming from behind me and i turned around, the man was still there, still staring at me.
"Your a monster" i spat
"Thankyou" He grinned "Now hold still, it wont hurt"
And he dived on me.

"___! __! wake-up! it's just a nightmare " someone was shaking me. My eyes flew open, it was daniel.
"Wh-where am i?" My throat hurt.
"Your in your bedroom. Everything's okay, lil sister." He hugged me and i hugged back. I pulled back, it was still dark. I looked at my clock 7.02am I rubbed my eyes and sighed looking properly at my brother, his hair was messy and he was wearing sweatpants. I must have just woken him up.
Then something caught my eye, A baseball bat. I laughed.
Daniel seen what i was staring at and smiled "Well, i thought we were getting burgled. But by the way you scream, i thought maybe you were being murdered " He shivered.
"Hold on!" i yelled
He looked at me "yeah?"
"Wheres Jacob?" I jumped out of bed and realised i still had all my clothes on that i wore that day, just without the shoes.
Daniel grinned "oooh, getting serious about the Jacob eh?" I blushed.
But he saw ofcourse. "He brought you home at exactly 10:59. I must say, Dad was impressed."
"How can i not remember this?" i said as he got up and took his baseball bat with him
"You were sleeping." and he walked out of the room calling behind him "Please try not to scream again, i gotta go start my job tomorrow! 'Night"
I fell asleep?! Great.I completly ruined my night with Jacob!
I started pacing, so does this mean ... Jake isnt a wolf? I laughed, ofcourse he isnt! Thats only true in stories. Then i froze. Did i kiss Jake?

My Phone beeped it was Jake;
(Texting convo)
Jake Goodmorning Sleepyhead (:
Me: eugh. I am SO sorry Jake. I didnt mean to fall asleep!
Jake Haha don't worry about it. Your cute when you sleep
I blused. What is it with him? I have never so many times in a few days over a guy!
Me: lol Thankyou :) ... i guess. Can I ask you something?
Jake: shoot :)
Me; when did i fall asleep?
Jake: After we went for a walk, Remember? You fell asleep on my lap. But i was wondering, do you want to do something today? Theres something i need to tell you
Me: Sure! how about we meet at the beach at 9?
Jake: Great! i'll cya there then :)
I was smiling to myself when Daniel came in, "right, it's 8. im going to work! But ill pick you up at 3 here, we need to go and buy dad his birthday present 'kay?"
"Sure. C ya later!"


Okay, guys, im really sorry, this one isnt as good. but its like really late over here and im almost asleep! but i promise the next one will be better! I have a surprise! :D
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