who to choose? (a twilight love story) part 11

who to choose? (a twilight love story) part 11

part 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY IT PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S the pic of the story just to remind you is YOU

Chapter 1

2 surprises in 1 day


what ashley (or alex) is wearing ************


I was walking along the shore line waiting for seth.he was supposed to tell me something SUPER important.i was thinking of what my life would have been if i stayed with the cullens.i was wondering if emmett would have lived, if bella would have lived, if i would be with seth and the most important one of all, would edward and i be together.seth tolf me he found someone new.i was happy for him but was still pained by the thought.seth never told me who she was and when he would be about to tell me someone would come through the door and ask something dumb like ''seth where are the potatoe chips?'' or ''alex can i order pizza?'' most of theese questions came from no other than paul who wanted to ruin every chance i had to be alone with seth.i looked out to the ocean and looked at the beautiful sunset.when i felt two hands cover my face i knew exactly who they belonged to. ''you better have a good reason to keep me waiting nearly and hour here seth.'' i said as i turned around to face him. ''actually i do,ashley do you love me?'' this question took me be surprise.''yes seth how many times do i have to tell you that?'' then he asked,''how much do you love me?'' 'a whole lot seth'' even though,if he was asking love like not in a brotherly way, i was soooooo lying to him.then what i didn't want to happen happened. he got down on one knee and said ''ashley dawnson, i have loved you and will love you all my life.will you marry me?'' i was shoked i have to do this, even though i don't love him ''y-'' i got cut off by a familiar voice yelling my name ''ASHLEY!!!!!!!'' i turned around and saw edward. i heard seth growl but i ignored it.before i even knew what i was doing i ran in my vampire speed not caring how sad seth felt right now or who was looking at us. i just ran and i hugged edward with all my strengh. i never wanted this moment to end.

what did you guys think? the next chapter will be more exiting i PROMISE!!!!!!!!

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