Forever changed

It all started the night Mercy Langdon's best friend Alizabeth died. Mercy became depressed and lost all but 2 of her friends. Thinking she needs to cope her parents send her to a "camp". The one thing they don't know is the camp isn't for girls. What will she do when she makes enemies, makes friends, and falls in love?

Chapter 1

The accident

(the picture is of Mercy)
It all happened that night......the night my best friend died.....the night I changed. This is how it friend Alizabeth and I were riding in the car coming back from the grocery store her mom sent us to. I kept my eyes glued to the road as I talked with her. The braclet she had given me shimmered in the moon light. I saw headlights and looked over trying to dodge the SUV coming straight towards Alizabeth's door......but I was too late the SUV crashed into her door.
The last thing I remember is hearing sirens then I saw blackness come over me.
I woke up in the hospital with the sound of people talking and crying. I looked up and saw both of our moms crying talking to a doctor. I groaned and their attention was on me. My mom and Alizabeth's mom ran to me.
"Where's Alizabeth?" I mumbled and her mom burst into tears. "Mom?" I asked and she just shook her head.
I knew exactly what she was telling me.........Alizabeth had died. I felt tears roll down my cheeks. I was the one driving this was my fault. My mom rubbed my arm. The doctor walked over to me.
"I need to make sure you're okay," He held a clipboard and looked like he had better things to do on a Friday night than make sure some teenage girl that got into an accident was fine. I sat up with a tear streaked face. "What is your first and last name?" He tapped the eraser of the pencil he was holding on the clip board as he asked the question.
"Mercy Langdon," I answered one million thoughts running through my head.
"When is your birthday?" He continued with the questioning.
"April 4th," I said without hesitation.
"What is the date?"
"August 24." He pulled out a small flashlight.
"I need to check your dialation," He informed me. I nodded then he shined the flashlight into my eyes. I gasped and looked away seeing the resemblance between the light that was now in my eyes and the headlights of the car that crashed into us.
"Are you alright?" My mom sounded worried and I just shook my head laying back down.
"It looks like she has a minor concussion.....We're gonna have to keep her a couple days. She also has some cuts and bruises. But nothing too serious," the doctor told my mom then left to get some medicine I could take for pain.
The moment the doctor left I burst into tears. "It's all my fault Mom," I cried. "I'm the reason Beth is dead!" I used her nickname as I said this.
"Shhhhh, it's not you your fault sweetie," My mom tried comforting me. Tried being the key word.
"Don't blame yourself," Alizabeth's mom, Emma said. I wiped tears desperately from my face. My mom brushed the tears from my face lightly with her finger tips. My eyes were blurry and my head was killing me.
A few minutes later the doctor came in with a pill for me to take. I took the pill and layed back down.
"Visiting hours are over," He told my mom and Emma. They both got up and my mom kissed my forehead lightly. "Try to get some rest," He told me as he left with my mom and Emma. After he left I fell asleep.
I awoke to the nurse rolling in a cart of various breakfast foods. She put the foods on atray in front of me and I smiled warmly, thanking her. She rolled the cart out and went to the room across the hall shutting the door in the process. I looked out the window as I nibbled on my toast. The weather reflected how I felt...Cloudly....rainy.
I spent most of the day sleeping but was finally awoke by the door opening. My eyes opened to see my mother. She smiled weakly.
"Mom?" I asked.
"Yeah?" she responded.
"After I get out of the hospital...........can you take me shopping?" I asked. She nodded and sat in the chair against the wall with a window above it.
My mom and I just watched TV until the doctor came into the room.
"We've done some tests and she is good to go home today," He said flipping through papers on his clipboard. My mom smiled at me but my face held no expression. My mother handed me neatly folded clothes and went into the hall to talk to my dad to whom she was divorced from. I only got to see my dad once a month. I changed into my clothes and was finished as my mom came into the room.
"Ready to go?" She asked in a soft kind voice. I nodded and left with her. We drove in silence for a few minutes then she spoke." Do you still want to go shopping?" she asked. I nodded and she pulled into the mall's parking lot. She handed me money telling me she'd be back in an hour. I went into the mall and bought everything black from hoodies to shirts to jeans.
It took about an hour to buy everything so I went outside where my mom was waiting.
As soon as we got home I immediatly ran up to my room and locked the door. I heard my mom and step dad talking downstairs as I opened the closet door. Alot of my clothes were bright I had a few black shirts though. My wastebasket was beside my closet so I threw away every piece of clothing that wasn't black or gray. There were however a few shirts I couldn't bring myself to throw away. Two blue shirts and Two yellow shirts......Shirts Alizabeth gave to me. I changed from my yellow shirt and shorts and threw them away replacing them with a black shirt, a black hoodie, black skinny jeans and black converse.
The doorbell rang then and I went to answer the door. Standing there was Alizabeth's mom and her cousin, Kendall, who was my friend also. She looked me up and down with an eyebrow raised.
"Come in," I invited them. Kendall tossed her black curled hair over her shoulder as she entered the house. Alizabeth nodded sadly making me look down letting a single tear drop from my eye. They settled themselves on the couch as my mom and step dad walked in.
"Emma?" my mom sounded surprised.
"Hello, Clare," she smiled at my mom the smile was sad. "We came here to tell you about Beth's funeral....." her voice trailed off. I knew she wasn't expecting to be planning a funeral for her fifteen year old year old daughter. "The funeral is on Sunday at 9:00 A.M. it lasts till 1:00 P.M.
"We'll be there," my mother immediately replied. I nodded.
"Thank you.....Beth would've have wanted you guys there." Her face flicked from one of us to the other. "We should go," She stood up and walked out with Kendall not saying one word.

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