who will you marry?(part 56)

Chapter 1

The Rescue( The finale)

Shane says in a cold crisp voice that even makes you nervous, but you lose that feeling once you see Anthony smirking at you behind shane as if to say nice job, but that beside the point shane continues neither of you look worse for wear so let us go home. No, not till I rescue Shawn you say calmly, he looks at you with disdain as if he cant believe that ur still defying him. Sighing he motions for Anthony to collect you and you look at Anthony with smirk tilting your head slightly, as if to say plz help me. What are you waiting for, collect her so we can go home Shane says sharply. Rolling his eyes, Anthony stays put saying my duty, emphasizing each word, is to protect and serve the princess. Turning on him quickly he says are truly protecting her by allowing her to constantly walk blatantly into danger? They continue arguing back and forth neither of them backing down.

Glancing at jhoony he looks back at you as if to say, this is your chance if your going do anything. Inching your way to door you lean with your back nearly touching the door your finger feeling the magical barrier, is it safe ? You ask dawn mentally. Why are asking if you’ve already made up ur mind about going into danger. Just answer the question, you sigh. She seems to pause for a moment, Then says it seems safe enough. What do you mean by safe, enough? You say cautiously, it means that I don’t sense any magic that will kill you but, im not familiar with this kind of magic. Well that doesn’t help me but thanks you say mentally feeling the barrier with your fingertips and your hand slips through the barrier with little resistance it’s a good sign. Opening the door you slip in quickly closing the door behind you. Its completely dark except for the scant light coming from the skylight on the ceiling of the room. You hear a soft resigned voice say:

"Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come"

You recognize the quote from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, you studied it in high school and it was your favorite subject. The play itself is haunting beautiful its about a man, Julius Caesar who tried to make life better for Rome while refusing to take the crown. Yet he was betrayed and killed by friends he truly believed he could trust who stabbed in the back and left him to die. Realizing what he is talking about you think that maybe if u respond in poetry u can get this attention so you say:

"All the world 's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts"

You hear the sound of chains moving and he shouts hoarsely who there?, show yourself you coward. Im am no coward, I came to rescue you, you say looking toward the sound as he steps into the limited light. And you are mortified when you see Shawn, who is naked from the waist up and looks like a walking Skelton with bruises up and down his arm, chest and face in different stages of healing. His wrist and ankles were worst with dried blood under his cuffs, and his eyes were covered with a dirty cloth. Coming up close to him you say it okay as he stiffens as if you were going to hurt him as you touch his face gently removing the blindfold. He blinks a couple of times as if trying to get his eyes to adjust when he looks straight at you with handsome brown eyes. Ashanti, why are you here? Isn’t it obvious im rescuing you, you smile at him, as you begin working on the chains. Heating the locks, they break with a little pressure from you, he nearly falls over but you catch him gently lowering him to the knees. Can you walk? You say cuz I can go get Shane, there a silence, a low growl and you see Shawn rocking back and forth his head in hands saying, I will not lose control, I will not break. Shawn you okay you say worriedly touching his shoulder, at the feeling of your touch his eyes flash opens and he says you must leave right now his voice is shaky and there is fear. Not unless your coming with me, you don’t understand you must leave now he shouts on the point of hysteria.

You look into his eyes and they turn from a soft brown to a yellow like a hungry wolf. Backing away you turn to leave out the door, but he moves in front of you quicker than you can blink blocking your way out. What the hurry my dear your just in time for dinner. He chuckles darkly in a voice that sounds deeper and darker than what Shawn normally sounds like and the way he stands, this is clearly not the same person and defiantly not Shawn no matter how much he looks like him. Who in the hell are you? You say. My name he says is Fenrir, and I cant tell you how good it feels to be free of those bounds and that pathetically weak boy, Fenrir, as in the god of the wolves, the son of Loki the trickster. Aren’t you suppose to be locked away deep in the earth with an unbreakable chain?. Well I had a little help from a friend, but that is history just like this little boy who thought he could contain me. He was my friend, what have you done to him? you shout. Laughing he walks toward you saying don’t worry he safe and sound inside of me but you wont be seeing him anytime soon cuz im in control now. But I digress, it been so long since I had a proper meal and you look absolutely delectable my dear. You feel scared as your backed into a corner as he whispers relax, I promise it will be over quickly. Tbc… time to choose who will be your rescuer.


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