A Fred Weasley Love Story Part 3

Does anyone have any ideas for the title of this story? Haha. I'd like atleast 5 comments? Thanks for reading! And sorry for thee wait.

Chapter 1

Chapter 3

He leaned in and...whispered in my ear. (You guys thought i was gonna be a kiss I bet!!) He whispered "That's a good thing." I laughed. "Let's hope so." I said. "So is gonna be like a date thing or we just gonna hang out and see what happens from there?" Fred asked. "Well we can't really go on dates so we can see how it goes from now and if we feel like it's right,then it will be right." I said. "Oh and that was a great song Alexis!" Fred said. Dang that wa sl;ike the firsttime he didn't call me Lexi I thought. I blushed. "Thanks,that's what I do." I said. He smiled,and said, "We should probably get going.." "Why? It's so beautiful out here." I said stretching my toes and feeling the warm September sun. (Sorry if I changed the month) "Not as beautiful as you." He said. I bursted out laughing and said, "You know,those lines are so retarded and used a million times a day!" He laughed while turning a ripe tomato red color. I smirked. He then said, "SO wanna go swimming while we're out here?" I nodded and took off my sundress. His eyes popped out of head when he saw me in a bikini. I said, "If you don't pop yours eyes back into your sockets,I will." His eyes went back to normal. I noticed he was wearing trunks already. "Okay so we can hold hands and jump in together!" I said. He nodded and grabbed my hand. We ran to the edge and I let go of his hand and he flew into the cold water,while I purposly let go and was laughing. (I've done that so many times to Ashley and her to me) He came up almost shivering. "That was rude!" He said trying to hold a straight face. "Not as rude as this.." As said, jumping in and splashing him all over. I came up above the water,laughing. Fred was trying not to laugh at what I just did. "This water is not too cold." I said,brushing my wet hair out of my face. "Is too!" He said. "I hate to say this,but I seem more manly than you right now!" I said smirking.

George's POV

I was watching out from window the entire little date thing of Fred and Alexis' ! They looked pretty sweet together. Then Harry and Ron came in the room. "What are you looking at?" Harry asked. "Look over here mate,Fred and Alexis are on a date!" I said. Harry and Ron came oover to the window I was looking at and we're enertained to watch the date. "I didn't even know Fred liked her!" Ron said. "Oh yeah,I think she wrote a song for him cause she has her guitar down there and was singing to Fred." I said. They laughed. Then I saw them getting closer..I grabbed a camera and zoomed in all the way. I just got a picture of the most amazing thing ever!!

Fred's POV

Alex is just so amazing! I mean come on,just wrote a song for now,and admitted to liking me! This day could not get any better! Then suddenly Alex jumped on my back. I laughed at how small she was. I mean she felt like a feather on my back! I went underwater while she put her legs around my neck. (Like when you play pool chicken and get on top of someone's shoulders) I was carrying around pretending I was gonna drop when I got an idea. "If you don't kiss me right now I will drop you into the water." I said smirking.

Alexis' POV

"If you don't kiss me right now I will drop you into the water." Fred said smirking.
I mean I will,just cause I don't wanna get dropped into the cold water. Not that I even mind kissing him. So I said, "How 'bout you drop me so I can kiss you better?" I suggested relizing that it wouldn't work this way. "Kay." He went underwater and I hopped off. I went to the front of him. While he wiped the water out of his eyes I just sat there staring at his gorgeous body. When he was done,so I wouldn't fall he wrapped my legs around his waist,while I puts my arms around his neck and kissed him with all the passion I had saved up just for his lips. (I know that sounds cheesy) Then I saw a flash. I turned to the Gryffindor Tower and saw George's camera in the window pointing towards us. "Retard." I said. As soon as I said that Fred kissed me again. Quickly. Too quick for my liking. "Now we should probably go,cause the sun is setting." I said. He agreed and we swam to the pier/dock thing. We pulled ourselves up. I dropped my body,and then put my sundress back on. I put my hair into a bun while Fred put his shirt back on. I grabbed my guitar and put it in its case.I grabbed my case and me and Fred headed back to the common room. When we got to the Gryffindor Picture I said the password and we were let in. I put my guitar up in my room under my bed. Then when I was done I quietly walked up to the twins room,and grabbed George's camera and walked downstairs with it. I hid the camera behind my back. I sat on the couch next to Fred. George was next to him. I interuppted whatever George was doing to say something, "Hey George?" I asked. He turned around smirking, "Yes Alex?" "You know it's kind of rude to take a picture of people kissing." I said. He looked dumb-founded. "Like this."I said getting out his camera. "Noo! Don't delete it Alexis! Please!" George said. "Okay." I said. He sighed relived. "Only if you say 'I George Weasley am the most retardest person in the world' " He sighed. " I George Wealsey am the most retardest person in the world!" He said to me and Fred, trying to get his camera. "Not so fast! Scream it to the common." I said gesturing around us. He sighed again and yelled, "I GEORGE WEASLEY AM THE MOST RETARDEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!" Everyone bursted out laughing! He blushed and handed his hand out for the camera. But while he was not looking I deleted the picture anyway. I mean all I need his Malfoy'd to come and make fun of me, when he should be the one being made of cuase that stupid Pansy and Panda girl he dates.

It was around midnight,whe everyone went to bed. Except me and Fred. Before Fred went to be he said, "Yes." I was confused. "Yes what?" I asked. "Yes,I like you too." He said. "Goodnight Alexis" He said. "Goodnight Fred!" I said. We I got up the stairs,I changed into my pajamas and brushed my hair. I layed in bed thinking of Fred Weasley. And for the rest of the night I had butterflies in my tummy.


Does anyone have any ideas for the name of this story or should it just say "Fred Weasley Love Story" and the chapter number after it?


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