A Hero's Teachings

A Hero's Teachings

This is my new story. I hope you like it! :D

Chapter 1


It is that time in the kingdom again. The time everyone is anxious about and gathers in the the stadium to watch the Great Choosing. The Great Choosing happens only once every twenty years. It is the time when the next generation of knights are chosen to protect the king and the village. It is one of the most important events that happens in the village.
All the parents of infants under one year old bring their young children to the for stadium this great event. Some carry their babies with their heads held high and their little child on their shoulders. They are proud that they get to participate in this event and maybe have their babies grow up to be the knights of the village. Other cradle their babies in their arms and hang their heads down low. They sob tears for fearing that their little darlings will be taken away from them. This is just the way of the Great Choosing.
The parents and babies gather in the main floor of the stadium. Meanwhile, older siblings, relatives, friends and everyone else in the village watches from the seats preached high up in the stadium. No one dares missing the Great Choosing.
One by one, each pair of parents lies their baby down in a crib. Each crib has the child's name on it and there is one for every baby. Then the parents lean down and say their goodbyes to their beloved babies. Then the Great Choosing begins.
This is the way of the Great Choosing and the way I became picked as the head knight of my village.

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