a random day at the cullen house

what happens when Emmett makes Bella a drink but the wrong kind......

Chapter 1

1.Edward is going to kill you!!!

EMMETT WHAT DID YOU PUT IN MY DRINK! Bella yelled angerly as Emmett backed agest the wall. AGAIN, WHAT DID YOU PUT IN MY DRINK!!!!!!!!! Bella yelled again.UUUMMMMM......Emmett said . I was just trying to have fun you said a drink.5 minutes later...... IF YOU ARE WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE,A SUPER STAR THAN HAVE NO FEAR THE CAMRA'S HERE!!!!!!!!!! Bella was singing from the top of the dinning room table as Jasper and alice walked in the house ooohhhh man Emmett, Edward is going to kill you !!!! Jasper said walking in the house.Big time!!! Alice agreed. I know. said Emmett laughing.

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