Every time

this is a story about two cross lovers from different worlds who soon meet up. Zoey the perfect talented quiet shy fair girl soon discovers that she have to go to ridgeway high to finish up her semester in order to be a photographer, she "accidently" bumps into Dante a cool dark popular every body loves mysterious guy who don't care about the world soon takes an interest in zoey who every body do not like. but will Dante care to find out why he cares so much about zoey and why zoey cares 4 him

Chapter 1

Dreaming is nothing but wish

by: HunterX
"Zoey my darling where did you go off to?", a mysterious voice asked Zoey turned around to see who it is.
"i wanted to wake up with the sun" she told him, she turned around and faced the sun while gazing at its beauty. as it slowly rises Zoey couldn't help but cry.
"Zoey what's wrong", he asked. Zoey did not answer instead she turned to him and hugged him, resting her head on his should breathing in his smell.
"it's nothing but a dream" she told him then looked in his eyes she notice that they were dark brown and looked at her with care.
"Nothing but a dream" she said then woke up finding herself alone in her bed
"i just wish it could be real for once" she told her self then got ready for school.


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