Glee Love Story

Hey guys, so I'm writing a Glee love story. It's gonna get juicier and stuff as it goes on, don't worry :)
and PLEASE comment and tell me what you think. If it's good, it'll make my day, if it's bad, that's ok, I need constructive critisism.

Thanks guys & please comment with suggestions and stuff. If you have a fave character, I can put more about him/her in it.

Chapter 1

Going Against the Grain

I had always lied low, never really talked to anyone except my friends. I wasn't popular, but I wasn't made fun of. At William McKennley HIgh School, a school so full of labels and stereotypes, I had my own stereotype. I was in a group referred to as the "hot nerds". It was me, Mackenzie, and my best friend Katie. We were called the hot nerds because we were all...attractive, but we chose to be unpopular. We were all sort of socially awkward.

Mackenzie was short and rather...filled out, but not fat. She was described as "adorable", with shiny blonde hair and big brown eyes. Katie was also small. She had freckles and wavy brown hair. She was my best friend since 3rd grade, and we did everything together. She was currently dating Michael, a nerd, but he was really sweet. As for me, my name is Jessica. I am rather tall, and I have a small nose, blue eyes, a few freckles, and dirty blonde hair that falls to my shoulders straight. Everyone says I'm pretty, but honestly, when I look in the mirror, I only see my bad features: my hips, my eyebrows which are two dark for my hair, and my zit on my forehead.

Anyways, Katie and I decided to try out for Glee club. We would have to face the bullying and slushies that apparently drove out Kurt, the sassy gay dude of our class. I felt bad for Kurt. His locker was near mine, and when that big brute pushed him down, I would usually try to help him out.

Katie and I chose to do a duet to "Any Dream Will Do" from the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. We coreographed a little dance and divided it into two vocal parts.

After signing up on the list, we walked into the choir room after school, interupting Glee club rehearsal.
"Hi", I said. "We signed up to audition, so...we're here."
Mr. Schuester smiled at us. "Great", he said. "You can go ahead, and audition, if you're ready."
"We are", said Katie.
I was nervous. I had performed in front of people a few times, but never people like Finn or Sam, the new kid. They were gorgeous, but taken (well, Sam is). The pianist began playing. We had rehearsed this with him many times. It could be okay. We started singing. I think it went well, except for when I forgot part of the dance and looked awkward and clumsy next to the tiny and graceful Katie.
"You're in!" said Mr. Schue. "Welcome to New Directions." "The hot nerds are IN!" yelled Puck. Rachel rolled her eyes. "Wow, Mr. Schue, we really are desperate. What happened to the talent requirement?" I instantly felt ashamed. I was probably the worst singer in the room. "Rachel!" Mr. Schue scolded her. "Ladies please take your seats."

Katie and I glanced at each other. The only seats were next to Santana and Puck. Great. I sat down by Santana. I had never liked her. In 9th grade, she called me a "pathetic Katy Perry wannabe" because I wore....don't even remind a costume party. She glared at me. Halfway through Mr. Schue's lecture about 6 part harmony vs. 4 part harmony she whispered in my ear "Joining Glee club to get closer to Finn? Fat chance anyways..." I didn't know what to say back. I didn't join Glee Club SOLELY for the purpose of getting closer to Finn, but it was a factor in my descision. I looked at him. He wasn't the smartest of fellows, but he was a good person. I could tell. And he was now single...

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