I love you, a Logan Lerman love story.

:) A story i'm writing about me and Logan Lerman....tell me what you think.
Chapter 1..

Chapter 2

"Were here!" Who's that boy?! (2)

I woke up to my dads voice saying "Were here!" I sigh, and look up. We pulled up to this big house. I got out of the car and looked around. It was a nice neighborhood, big houses. I helped carry things into the new house. It was nice inside, way bigger than my old house. I put some boxes up and my mom said, "Shana, honey why don't you look around. Explore the neighborhood. Just be careful." "Um okay mom." I walked around the yard. I went into the backyard. I walked around, bored as usual. Then I heard laughing next door. I quietly hide behind a tree and look over. There was a boy, my age looking, dark hair, and tall. He was laughing with some other girl and a boy. I studied him until he probably got the feeling of someone looking. He looked over and caught me. Dang, I walked off and didn't look until I almost walk into the back door. He was looking straight at me. He had a slight smile to his face. (The picture above is what he looked like) I focused back on going in the new house. I quickly walked in and didn't see my mom by the door. "Oh i'm sorry mom I didn't see you." "Oh its alright, see anything cool?" "No, well I saw the neighbors, one looked around my age." "You should go talk and become friends." "No, i'll pass. I'm going to rearrange my room." I walk off and go into my room. I couldn't help but think of that boy. He wasn't bad looking. What am I saying, I don't know the guy, at least thats what my brain thinks. But my heart was saying there was something about him. The way he looked at me, it was..well different.
I finished most of my room and went downstairs for dinner. Since most of our stuff was in boxes, my dad ordered pizza. We ate on the couch while watching a movie. After, I went upstairs to get my stuff ready for school tomorrow. Yep I'm starting school tomorrow. I've never been so nervous in my life. Worse than in the 3rd grade when we had a play, and I was in the lead. I had to sing solo. Anyways I wanted to refuse to my parents about school. I mean I tried but they were to busy with the moving thing. I guess i'm gonna have to accomplish it one day. Might as well be tomorrow. I laid out my clothes, then went to bed. Lets hope tomorrow is gonna be a good day.

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