I love you, a Logan Lerman love story.

:) A story i'm writing about me and Logan Lerman....tell me what you think.
Chapter 1..

Chapter 3

First day of School...Who is that boy? (3)

Normally I wake up around 11 on weekends, but today since its my first day of school I got up at 6:30 a.m. I put on my clothes: A V-neck tee shirt, a loose jacket, a pair of jeans, and my flats. I went downstairs and ate breakfast. My mom gave me my schedule and papers. She offered to take me to school, because it was my first day and all. The ride there was silent. I dreaded the thought of going to a new high school, starting off with no friends, all by myself. I wanted to get this day over with, SOON! We pulled up to a big building. "Well this is it. Have a nice day sweetie.. i'll be here to pick you up." "okay thanks mom, I love you." "I love you too." I got out of the car, stood and stared for a minute and waved my mom goodbye. I sighed and began walking up to the school. A young girl approached me. "Hi are you Shana?" "Yes." I answered. "Hi I am Rachel, your school guide person." "Oh hi nice to meet you." "Welcome to Milton High." she told me. "Any advice here?" I ask her. "Just don't get into all the drama, this school is full of it." "Oh.." I lost focus and looked around. I saw that boy, the one next door. He was talking to a group of people on the steps. They were laughing, he turned and looked while laughing and made eye contact with me again. He looked for a good while with that same grin, then looked down, and began talking to his friends again. "Do you want me to show you around?" She asked. "Yeah, sure." "This is the main floor." She told me. We walked around for a while. "This is the cafeteria, theres the Art room.. and the lockers. What is your locker number?" "um, 424" "okay there it is!" She said pointing to a locker. I walk up to it and put in the combination. "Do you have anymore questions?" Rachel asked me. "No, thats it. Thank you for showing me around." "No problem, i'll see you around." "Okay." "good luck, Shana!" She said walking off. I turned around and looked in my locker. The school bell rang. A lot of people started walking in. I just minded my own business and went on with organizing my locker. I noticed some people go to there lockers by mine. I looked at my schedule... hmm.. World Geography room 112. I look around and finally found the room.

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