I love you, a Logan Lerman love story.

:) A story i'm writing about me and Logan Lerman....tell me what you think.
Chapter 1..

Chapter 8

Normal school day... untill I saw him (8)

I woke up the next morning. As usual got dressed, and went downstairs to eat breakfast. I ate some waffles. "Well bye mom, gotta go catch the bus." "Okay, have a great day sweetheart." "Will do! Bye." I said walking out the door. I approached the bus stop. I thought to myself.. ugh normal school day. That was it untill I saw Logan coming up to the bus stop. "Good morning Shana!" He said in a mellow tone. "haha Good morning Logan." "You ready for school?" He asked me. "haha no! I'm ready to get this 7 hours over with to be honest." "Me too, but after school I have a couple interviews and stuff." "Oh cool." "Yeah, I guess so." "So I was thinking..." before I could say anything, the bus pulled up. I was just about to ask him if he wanted to hang out sometime. I lifted my courage up for nothing! :( Oh well I told myself. We got on the bus. I sat in the back by myself.

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