Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 52

Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 52

<<=======Picture of Jake at 5 months

Chapter 1

Chapter 52

by: ImBack_
----Justin's POV---
I followed him upstairs.
"Who were you making cereal and need eggs and flour?" I asked leaning on the door frame with my arms crossed. He shrugged.

"Hold on!" I said rushing passed him i took my phone and took a pic of justin.

"What are you doing?" He asked when he heard the click.
I went on twitter and uploaded it putting in the caption: "guess what happened here!"
I giggled looking up from my phone at Justin. He was walking towards me with his arms out.
"Don't you dare." He came and wrapped his arms around me.
He got me drity too!
"Great Justin! Just great!, I'm going to take a shower."
"How about i come with you?" He raised an eyebrow,.
"how about no?!"
------------3 hours later-----
After i gave Jake a bath and feed him, he ended up going back to sleep. He likes to sleep. Justin and i were laying down on the bed together. Not watching tv but just talking. I had my head on his chest and he had his arms wrapped around me.
"Justin If i died would you cry?" I asked randomly. He shook his head, "No."
"Oh" was all i said back.
"I would die for you & find you in heaven." He said. I smirked.
------4months 3 weeks later------
(Picture of what Jake looks like at 5 months is up there somewhere!)
"Abababababa" Jake said crawling on the floor.
"Jake, where are you going?" I said getting up and following him out to the hallway.
I picked him up but his legs were still moving.
Justin left for tour a while ago. We do talk over webcam though.
I carried him to the couch.
He sat down and clapped his hands and pointed to the Tv. I knew what that meant. I took the remote and changed it to The fresh beat band which he loved!
I went to the kitchen making lunch for myself as i kept a close eye on Jake in the living room. Suddenly there was a beeping from my laptop.
I walked over and opened it to see something that said, "Justin wants to chat" i clicked accept.
"Hi." I said smiling at him. He smiled back. He was wearing a white shirt. I guess the laptop was on his lap.
"I miss you." He said.
"I miss you too!"
"Where's my little buddy?" He asked. I carried the laptop to Jake who was seated on the couch clapping to The fresh beat band.
I placed the laptop on the table in front of him. Jake noticed the laptop and hopped down from couch to get in front of the lap top holding the table, cause he can't stand yet.
"HI Jake!" Justin said. Jake waved and smiled.
"Da da." He said quietly. My eyes grew wide.
"Did you just say da-da?" Jake looked at me confused. Justin was smiling hugely. "Who's da da?" I asked in a baby voice to Jake. He pointed at the screen where Justin was. I smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek sweetly before picking him up and placing him back on the couch, but he jumped off the couch again. He held onto the table and shook his head.
"You want to stay with da da?" He looked a bit confused.
"Justin i'm just going to leave the laptop here." Justin nodded. I went to the kitchen and fixed up some noodles and sat behind Jake as he had a very interesting conversation with Justin.
"abbba goabla ba." Jake mumbled. Justin raised an eyebrow and said, "English please?"


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