A glee love story.

Just a bit bored so i thought this up:D Please comment :D

Chapter 1

The bus stop.

by: jazzi_bee
Right so here i am at the bus-stop...TOTALLY ALONE!!
Hello does anyone around here even go to that school hmph!
Suddenly a boy walks over to the bus stop hes about my age i guess.
I glance at him for a moment to catch him staring at me i think he was well mesmerised by my hair its very colourful you know and thats the way i like it :D
Some boys from an other school go and run into me sending my books flying out of my arms!
"Oii watch out next time! IDIOTS!!"Shouts the boy after the two had ran off!
" I`ll help you get them up"
"Err..thanks im Autumn"I say
"Hi im Finn"Says Finn
Now that i know his name i can really talk to him anyways he is sooo hot!
He asked me if iwas new and everything when i dropped my phone,We both went to pick it up!Finn tarted blushing i think he likes me!!
"oooh look the bus is here"Says Finn......

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