The love of my life; A Hogwarts love story

The love of my life; A Hogwarts love story

Before you read this story, please note that this is all about Fred and George Weasley! No Harry Potter or Draco so...just letting ya know!
Hope you enjoy and I will try to continue making them.

XX Kaitlin the Flashback is Fred and Georges first year because it is a flash back so you don't hear of Hermione and Harry and Ron in this chapter... :(

Chapter 1

Chapter One-The Flashback!

Flash back of when they first met Maria (That's you)
I stepped onto the train for the first time scared to death. Though I was thrilled to get the Hogwarts letter saying I am in..but I was scared out of my wits! I walked down the crowded hall and was getting worried when all the compartments were full. Where was I gonna sit?? I was about to cry when I came across this compartment with two red headed boys in it. Twins? I tapped on the compartment glass and the closest one swung it open. "I am sorry but everywhere else is full, so can I sit here?" I said trying not to sound scared. "Sure." Said the one farthest from me. I sat down across from them and for a was silent. "Were Fred and George Weasley..first years." Said one. "I am Fred. The better looking one." Said the one that was the closest to the window. "Then I suspect are George?" I said turning to the one close to the compartment door. "How did you know!" He said with a goofy smile. I laughed and slumped into the soft seats. "By the way, I am Maria Sapphire. First year as well." I said braking the silence. For the rest of the ride, the boys showed me they're plans on becoming the worlds best jokesters at Hogwarts and to my surprise.. I could tell them apart easily now. Fred Complimented me just before we changed into our robes..he said "It is a shame that you will put on those loose robes that hide your perfect figure." And with that, my cheeks were the color of a cherry sauce on Knickerbocker Glory's! And then being sorted into Griffindor along with them, I knew we would always be friends. And that we were.


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