My Parents Would Kill Me For This.

My Parents Would Kill Me For This.

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Nita P

Chapter 1


I was watching my baby cousins while George and Angelina were over at my parents.~ I love Fred II and Roxxy but why am I always the one who gets tricked into watching them? Dad tells me I'm too much like Mum but that that's a good thing. I get that: I'm reliable, but why me? Why not get Victorie to do it once in a while? Oh right, that's because she has a boyfriend.~ I looked over at Fred and Roxxy. Fred was sitting there clapping his hands while Roxxy tried to stand up and fell back down. I ran over to her and saw that she was crying. I picked her up and looked at her legs. She didn't hurt herself that bad at least. I bounced her in my arms for a while until she fell asleep. I put her in the play pin on her scarrlett blanket. I turned around to see Fred laying on the ground sucking his thumb. I tiptoed over to him and picked him up and put him in the same play pin on his golden blanket. After I made sure they were out like a light I walked over and sat down on the lawn chair. I took a sip of my ice tea and started thinking about school. ~Third year... One good thing: I finally get to ditch the robes.~ I've hated those things for some time now. ~Bad thing: Hugo starts school and he's not my favorite person right now.~ Being the elder of my brother and myself I thought it fair that he should have to babysit and I could spend the night at home cuddled up with my favorite book: Muggles - The Mystery Of Why They Don't Have Magic by Elza Hornston. But apparently spending the night playing "let's get in trouble!" with James and Albus is much more important. Anywho, school starts back at Hogwarts in a few weeks. We still need to go to Diagon Alley to get school supplies. We were going with Uncle Bill because Dad and Mum have important things to do at the ministry the day we want to go. I just hope no one sees me there with my brother, my cousins, and more than likely Teddy... Don't get me wrong I love them. It's just, all of my friends get to go to Diagon Alley by themselves but I can't go without a babysitter of somekind.~ My thoughts were interrupted by my uncle George closing the back door. I let out a small gasp. "Sorry kiddo, didn't mean to scare you.... A little chilly out don't you think?" I didn't realize it was night time or how cold it was until he said it.
"Um.. I just noticed really. I should have brought them in a long time ago but-"
"No buts.. They love the dark." He grinned at me. "Strange isn't it?"
"Just as strange as you Uncle George."
He looked at me sternly, "I told you no more of this uncle junk! Its George kiddo."
I died laughing. "Tough cookies UNCLE George!"
He laughed and hugged me. "You might be your fathers daughter but you have my sense of humor kid." ~I wonder if Uncle Fred was like Uncle George? I hope so.~ "Well you better get going. Ron and Hermione are probally worried sick."
I gathered my things into my side pack and got on my broom. I took off at top speed. When I got home it was around midnight. There were lights on in the living room. ~Translation: Worried parents are up. Translation of the translation: Grounded for not being home before curfew.~ I walked toward the door and made a run for the stairs. "/HOLD IT RIGHT THERE YOUNG LADY/!" Mom yelled to the top of her lungs.
"'Hermy Calm down. She hasn't even explained where she was yet." I hated my dad's nickname for my mum. "Let the girl explain."
"No! She was suppose to be home from George's before 10:30 and it's past midnight now Ronald!"
"Hermione clam down." Dad walked over and rubbed Mum's shoulders. "Now where were you sweetie?"
"Dad, George and Angeliena were with you all! You know it takes an hour to get to their house from here. They got home and I left. I took me an hour to get home and here I am." ~Same old overprotective parents. I don't get why though. It's not like the toughest wizard in the world is going to kill me... Not unless I peeve my uncle Harry off a good deal.~ "Can I go to my room now?"
Dad looked down at Mum. She looked up at him, sighed, and nodded her head. "Go. Sleep well Honey." he said.
I ran up the stairs and slipped into my room. I closed my door and threw my side pack in the corner. I ran into my bathroom and changed into my aborable pjs and brushed my teeth and hair. I lied down on my bed and started humming a familar tune to a lot of muggles, Hey There Daliliah.
I couldn't wait for tommorrow. We are going to see my Gramps and Gramgram. Every year my dad's side of the family meets there before school starts. Then we go to hogwarts and visit the grave site they have on campus. It's something I look forward to each year because I get to spend time with my cousins Dominique and Molly outside of school. Before I knew it I was out like a light....

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