Beautiful Snake (A draco malfoy love story)

My family was really good friends with the Malfoys. Me? I liked them. But defiantly not their son, Draco. But on December 1st, 2010, my parents died and left me in the care of the Malfoys.

Chapter 1

A change

I gripped Draco's arm, unwillingly. There was a snap and i felt like i was being sucked through a tight tube. I couldnt breathe. When it was finally over i gasped for air. He gripped my arm much too tight and led me through the garden we were in. soon i saw a big manor with a bunch of rooms and windows. He led me through the door and up two flights of stairs. He led me to a room that said "Taylor" on it in red letters. I opened the door and found paradise. The room has black carpeting with black wood in one corner of the room. The walls were painted red and they had black designs of flowers on them. On the black wood were a little mini fridge, a sink, and a cabnet. on the far wall, was a huge king size four poster bed with black covers and red embroidery. and drapes that were the black with red lace. It had seven pillows all of different shapes and sizes. The smallest one in the front was red and heartshaped. It had "Taylor" Embroidered on it. It was official. I was in heaven. Well, i would be in just a moment. I turned to Draco, who was standing behind me looking bored. "Hey Draco" I said to him. "What is it Smith?" He said to me. "This." I said and pushed him out the door. Oh yes. I think i would like it here.

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