Draco is In Love part 8

Draco is In Love part 8

You might want to read the first few parts first if you missed them! X]
In this one we will learn about __'s mother, Veronica.

Chapter 1

History Can't Change Love

by: amymalfoy
We decided to Woogle (wizard google XD) her mother's name. We found out stuff we never thought were possible.

Veronica _:
One of the evilest wizards in history. Right up there with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. She was the one who killed Edward, one of the most powerful good wizards of all time. She is said to have dissapeared. No one knoews where she is. She is dangerous though. Very.
It is rumored that You-Know-Who and Veronica had a child together. Yet no records have been found. Anywhere.Yet we believe that the child might have a birthmark on her back between her shoulder blades shaped as a snake, just like her mother's...only Veronica's was on her hand in plain view.

"But I don't have a birthmark!"
"You can't see your own back right?"
"Then how do you know?"
"Can you check?"
"Yeah, when we get back to my room"
We made the library go back to normal and ascended the stairs to my room. I closed the door and locked it so no one could come barging in and see what we were doing. She turned her back to me and lifted her shirt. I was afraid to tell her. But I had to.
"It's true"
She turned to me in alarm.
"I'm sorry _
"No, it's not your fault. It isn't anyone's. That just proves why I can talk to snakes. Why all my life everyone looked at me like I was someone they met before who wasn't so nice. All the puzzle pieces fit together now."
"Well, aren't you at least happy you're Pureblood?"
"It's ok. I need to look at the good side of this."
"Well you always have me there with you"
"Oh Draco! I love you!"
She ran up to me and wrapped her hands around my neck and kissed me. Kissed me with such need for love and attention. As if she thought that I would hate her because of her parents. So I told her:
"History can't change my love for you, you know that right?"
"Is it that obvious that I thought that?"
"Well with such need in your kiss I would say so."
We laughed together and resumed our kiss. Until someone came a-knocking on the door.
"Draco! _! Dinner's ready! Get your bums dressed nicely and properly and down here!" said my sis Nagima.
"By dresses nicely and properly that means you in a dress and me in a tux..."
"...and we go down the stairs with our arms linked." she finished.
"Yes, so go get dressed. Dobby should have laid something out. Such a nice elf."
She looks at me in disbelief.
"Hey! I'm not mean to the house-elves! My dad is!"
She laughs and goes to her room while I get my tux from the bed and leave a cookie for Dobby. When I got to the stairs she was wearing such a nice dress. It was a nice deep blue and it billowed out like a Victorian dress a few inches from her feet.
"You look beautiful" I say.
"You as well"
She links her arm in mine and we descend the steps for dinner. As we go down the last few steps we hear everyone gasp.
"Oh! you look so beautiful! Both of you!" my mother said!
Everyone agreed. We ll ate and afterwards went to bed.


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