Romance without trust - murder mystery

Romance without trust - murder mystery

My first story on quibblo please comment on how I can improve it or what your thoughts are. Thank you.
A wife is found murdered in her own study a knife in the back of her neck. The prime suspect is the husband who had a fight with her after she found out he was seeing another women. Emotions run high as the husband has an unbreakable alibi But when Avery Heavensmith, amateur detective steps in the murderer better not underestimate him.
All characters are fictional.

Chapter 1

Cheating with death

by: Dartak
"I can't believe the way you have been treating me Alex!" Madison Hayes shouted venomously at the man known as Alex.
"Well i can't help it Madison, our marriage is just not what it used to be!"
"You mean it was a mistake!"
"In a way yes!"
"You never thought like that till that-that women came!"
"You leave Winery out of this!"
"How dare you! How dare you! Your a monster, a heartless monster! I hate you! I gave everything for you I even got you a job! You monster!"
Madison then went out of the study and into her room slamming the door shut violently making several servants flinch at the sound.
"She finally realized that her husband was cheating." One servant said to another.
The Hayes family was highly respected in the village being one of the richest villagers to settle in fifteen years. They instantly gained popularity mostly by the wife who did charity work around the village. Everyone also saw that she had a nice and handsome husband with neat black hair and calm grey eyes. They were a happy couple till Winery Clarke and her older brother Charles Clarke came. Charles was seen as a good person quickly too. But Winery being a black haired blue eyed beauty was not so good. She became a regular guest of the Hayes must to gossip interest many saw she took interest of Alex. One day someone spotted the two together Alex in a hat and scarf trying to hid himself and Winery in a hat with sunglasses trying the same thing. It was obvious Alex and her was seen many times after. Until finally one friend of Madison told her and proved it. The only problem now is that Madison is a devoted Catholic and unless she dies Alex will never marry Winery or be separated from his wife. Avery Heavensmith knew all this since village gossip is impossible to ignore or avoid he took little interest though.
"No matter where you go its all the same." Avery was telling his grandmother Yakumo
Avery was thirteen he has dark brown hair that seemed always messed up and bright sea green eyes that changed to completely green when he was excited.
After Avery had cleared up the night raven murder case that had Scotland yard baffled. He and his grandmother decided to take a break from the rush of London by going to the country.
"What do you mean Avery?" Yakumo asked.
Yakumo had dark hair and green eyes even though she was Avery's grandmother she looked in her mid thirties.
"No matter where you go there are always problems. I mean I can't go anywhere in this village without hearing about a husband cheating."
"Why don't you take your mind off that and come with me to the post office to get some stamps." Yakumo suggested.
On the way to the post office they pasted a telephone box and what they heard made them stopped dead in their tracks. A brown haired, green eyed, women was telling the police of the murder of Madison Hayes.

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