Romance without trust - murder mystery

Romance without trust - murder mystery

My first story on quibblo please comment on how I can improve it or what your thoughts are. Thank you.
A wife is found murdered in her own study a knife in the back of her neck. The prime suspect is the husband who had a fight with her after she found out he was seeing another women. Emotions run high as the husband has an unbreakable alibi But when Avery Heavensmith, amateur detective steps in the murderer better not underestimate him.
All characters are fictional.

Chapter 3

Death holds many secrets

by: Dartak
"Unless thirteen people are lying, he didn't do it." The inspector said out of frustration.
"After exiting the study Alex Hayes was seen in the local bar from twelve eighteen till one ten. And the time is correct?" Avery asked.
"The bartender had to leave around that time and at least thirteen people saw him in the bar wither at the time he was entering , leaving, and in between."
"None of them were close to the suspect and had no reason to lie."
While this was being said Avery was looking through some papers on one of the desks running a careful eye over them and only pausing to read a few lines.
"So far we have only two suspects whom have no alibi that we know of." Avery said his eyes still on the papers. "One Winery Clarke, the women, the husband was seeing without his wife's knowledge till this evening at least."
"She would be the most likely since she would become rich if she married him." Yakumo said in her usual quiet manner.
"Two Charles Clarke, Winery's brother."
"Whom would also gain a pretty amount if his sister married Alex Hayes." Samson replied.
"Leslie Thorn so far has no motive so she is clear for now is there anybody else whom would benefit?"
"Jance Linet would gain a large amount of money, she is the wife's friend."
Said the inspector.
"Three suspects and no alibis, so far." Yakumo said.
"Who was here during the quarrel?" Avery asked the inspector.
"Only two maids since the other one was out to lunch and the one butler was away to see a family member."
"Leslie Thorn being one of them, can I see the other maid?"
The inspector called the maid in for questioning, she had long red hair and brown eyes, Her name was Maria Hane.

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