Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 29 Scorpius READ INTRO

PART 29 finally
so i have an important announcement, there is good new and bad news
the bad new is that this Love such a silly game we play is getting ready to end
but thanks to your guys comments i decided that im going to write the ending a little different then what i was origninally planning so that i would be able to write another story by the name of "love lost in a forbidden valley." which is just a conclusion from the ending of the this story once i write the ending of this story

Chapter 1


by: kinewnew
He said I promise not to hurt you
Promise not to lie
Promise to befriend you and defend you with my life
I promise you forever
Promise you today
He said will you wear my promise ring?
I said yes

I was lost for words, too many thoughts rolling through my mind. How did he know I was pregnant, and he wants me to be his future fiancée? “Draco I don’t... I don’t know what to say.” I told him. “How about yes?” Draco asked hopefully. I took a deep breath before answering, “Yes, Draco I would love wear your promise ring.” I told him, he started smiling and he put the ring on my finger and pulled me off from my seat to bring his lips to mine. I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around my future fiancé. “Draco how did you know I was pregnant?” I asked him when we finally broke apart. “I noticed that day at my house, when you were vomiting. Then I began to realize it more when your stomach started to grow a little larger, and your skin began to glow.” He told me, placing his lips over mines again. “And you don’t have any problem with this at all?” I asked him. “Why would I have a problem with it? I’m glad that we are going to be having a child together. She’s going to be the second most beautiful girl in this world. With our striking good looks.” Draco told me while laughing. I smiled back at him, “well I’ll admit that I do have a problem with it, don’t you think that it’s crazy to have a baby especially with what’s going on now,” he asked me. “Of course I do, but I’m not going to let no one get in the way of my baby. No one, not your sociopath aunt, and not Voldemort,” I told him harshly, he flinched at my last word. “Don’t you think having a child right now at our age, during a wizarding war, too much for us? Draco, you have to tell me what Voldemort is making you do,” I told him sternly. “Adriana I can’t, especially now that you’re pregnant. He is going to try getting to me by get…. Look I just can’t tell I’m sorry,” he told me. I sighed but did not pester him about it anymore. “Hermione expects him to be born in about 5 months.” I told him going back to our original subject. “What makes you think my daughter is boy,” Draco asked, eyebrows raised. “What makes you think my baby is a girl,” I counter asked. “This baby is a boy,” I told him placing my hand over my stomach. He kicked. I moved Draco’s hand from my face and placed them on my stomach. He gave me a confused glance, but I just smiled back. He kicked again. Draco jumped but never moved his hands from me. For the rest of the night, he felt my stomach and talked to that fast growing child that was in there. Who would have known Draco actually cared about anything besides his self. I smiled, glad that I’ve had a major impact on him.

It’s been a month, and Draco and I have decided to come out in the open about our relationship. I also passed the apparition tests. I told Harry and Ron that I was pregnant the day after I told Draco. “Adriana, your pregnant?” the asked in unison. “I think I just said that,” I had said to them. “Please tell me that Malfoy is not the father,” Ron pleaded. I hadn’t answered him and Ron stormed out of the room. “Well I mean if our happy, as a friend I can only be happy for you, but that isn’t me saying that I approve of this. Malfoy is still dangerous and it is very surprising that he took it so lightly” Harry had told me, so I told him about Draco giving me a promise ring. He took that one well too, and I asked him if he would tell Ron and he agreed that it would probably be better coming from him. Ron had just started talking to me again, and I am glad. I know Ron is stubborn sometimes, I mean it’s the quality of being a Gryffindor. My stomach was now bigger, though Hermione casted a charm that concealed it so no one outside of my friends new about the pregnancy at school. I had written a letter to my father and Narcissa, to notify them about the pregnancy. My father’s reaction was much better that what I would have expected from him. Adriana I am disappointed that you were impregnated at such a young age. But I respect every decision you have about your fetus. Narcissa couldn’t be happier about my fetus, as father would put it. Oh sweetie I’m so glad you and Draco are giving me a grandchild while I’m still young. It’s just pity that you two are so young, and honey I don’t understand why you would want me to tell my husband. But if that is what you really feel, then you can trust that I won’t. I told them both not tell Mr. Malfoy about it, because if he knew, then Voldemort would know. And I wasn’t letting anyone harm my baby. Draco has been way too overprotective with me; he wouldn’t let me do a thing for myself. And if he kept it up the school would know about me. Which by the way Hermione is coming in the room of requirement with Draco and I to see what gender my child is. Draco wasn’t too thrilled and wouldn’t stop talking about it during Potions. “Why must it be Granger? Some Ravenclaw could have performed the spell perfectly.” He groaned next to me. “Hermione is the only I know and trust to do the spell for me. Draco get over your little grudge against muggleborns.” I whispered to him. “But...” “No, buts, its final,” I told him. “Mr. Malfoy, Miss Smith is there anything you two would like to share with the class?” Professor Slughorn asked. “No sir,” Draco told him, and Slughorn went back to teaching. Ron and Harry glanced at me, I just shrugged it off. When potions was over I told Draco that I would meet him in the room of requirement later. I walked into the Gryffindor common room to see Ginny sitting on Harry’s lap while Ron was looking at them in disgust. “Can you guys not do this in front of me, just because I said I was okay with it doesn’t mean I can change my mind,” Ron had told them. Ginny opened her mouth furiously but I quickly jumped in before she could say anything. “Ginny is it true that Harry has a tattoo of a hippogriff on his chest?” I asked her, receiving a weird look from Harry as Ron and I laughed. “Where’s Hermione?” I asked them. “She’s in the library, looking up wizarding pregnancies,” Ron told me with a sigh, he still wasn’t okay with my situation. “Adriana, a baby at your age is too soon. But I guess if you are okay with it, I can try to be to. But have you ever thought about abortion?” Ron asked me. “You mean what muggles do when they don’t want their child. Ronald Weasley I love this baby that is swiftly growing inside me and there is no way in hell that I will ever give him up,” I shrilled at him. Ron took a step back, “I’m sorry, I was just…” “Yeah, I think I’m going to go to the room of requirement, I’ll see you guys later.” I interrupted and left the room. I approached the room and saw that Hermione was already there with Draco. I was greatly surprised that they weren’t at each other’s throats. “Adriana, Mal I mean Draco and I decided that since you are pregnant, we were going to try to get along. We didn’t want to much stress on you, especially with what’s going on now.” Hermione told me genuinely. I smiled at her, and the door to our room started to form. The room looked exactly like those muggle hospital rooms on the TV’s. “Adriana I’ve decided that we would try this the muggle way, it’s much more efficient and easier than a spell.” She told me leading me to a gurney. I laid down, “Now first we are going to take the concealment charm off of you,” She told me as she took out her wand. She muttered a spell and I felt a wave of warmth flood through my abdomen. I looked down at my stomach and noticed that it was abnormally large. “Well, you can tell she’s going to be a big girl,” Draco said snickering. I slapped him on the back, “Okay now we I’m going to put something on you’re the bottom curve of your stomach, it might feel about cool though.” She warned. She took out tube and squeezed it on my stomach. She wasn’t lying it was super cold, but in a pleasuring way. “Look at the scream and you shall be able to see your unborn fetus.” She told me, and turning towards a monitor. I turned also, and I felt something else on my stomach, and the scene on the screen changed. I was now looking at a little unborn baby moving around. My own baby….. Boy. “Telling by the size on him, he is definitely a Malfoy,” Draco said staring intently at the screen. I smiled and looked at Hermione who smiled back at me. Draco took his hand in mine but never broke away from the monitor. “Scorpius,” I whispered softly. “What did you say?” Draco asked me, finally looking away. “Our little baby boy…. Scorpius.” I told him.


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